Saturday, August 14, 2010

Online Contact Lenses

I bet some of you guys do wear contact lens, regardless for cosmetic purposes or convenience purposes, so that you don't need to wear the annoying glasses whenever you need to attned some functions or event.

Recently, there are many cheap and affordable coloured contact lenses available for sale via blogs or any other websites. Prices range from about rm 40-50, can be worn up for 1 year.

interesting patterns

I actually once considered to buy them because they are cheap. For sure I have the doubt on whether the contact lenses are reliable or not. You see, students have budget constraint, right? Told mum about that too.

On one fine day while driving to college, heard the news from the radio saying many people now purchase online contact lenses bla bla bla, well, I don't really bother about it, my main aim was to reach college faster to avoid the jam :P

Until one day my mum told me about the news about online purchased contact lenses she heard from the radio too. Her advice was not to simply buy those online contact lenses, as said by the news too, because the eyes need to be checked by eyecare consultant to see whether I am really suitable to wear them, in terms of diameter of the pupil something like that? Well, I don't really have an idea about that.

I always asked my friends who are wearing those lenses whether it is comfortable and reliable or not. During the first few months it was ok, but then as time goes by the lenses are not very good anymore.

Conclusion: I still have doubt on the reliability on the contact lenses. I think it is better to purchase from the optical shop as I don't want to take risk on my precious eye. We only have one pair of eyes, isn't it? :)

What about your opinion? Please feel free to leave a comment. Have a nice day :)

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