Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Learn to Accept

But can I learn to forget and ignore?

It's hard to do it

but i still have to do it

I have to...

it's so miserable...

Friday, March 27, 2009


why? why? why? why u all want to hurt girls' feelings until like that? do u all noe a girl's feelings? girls are not as tough as boys , ok? pls...some of u , pls be considerate to girls! pls!

haiz....i had experienced the same thing recently. but the tears are not worth for them.

i still cannot manage to get it through, i cry out to release the knot tied in my heart. now ok ady. i tell to myself i should not cry because of that.

relationships are hard to maintain...even at the starting point is kinda hard.

sometimes i think that single is the best. no worries. is not because can flirt with other boys.

somehow my sixth sense is accurate at most times...really.

wish u all can be happy
smile because it happened
think positively
everything will be fine

TGI Friday

Thank god it's Friday! thank god the exams are over ! thank god i can relax now...

Seriously, the tests and exams are driving me crazy. I had cried almost everytime before the tests and exams. Swt! and i dunnoe why...seems like more tough than secondary skul life. ppl say college life is supposed to be more relax than high skul life. now i dun agree that... but i agree deep foundation, bright future. as said by Sunway =)

today juz had PT 1 for T4 and PT2 for T5. haiz...i think i will fail my T4. T5 this time quite ok. not as bad as i thought. no regrets!

lunch went to rock cafe with classmates. after that find ying han. i accompanied her for lunch. we also disscussed about which club to join in college. i juz dun wan to just study. i need activities!

had CSB (English) test oso after lunch. the test reminded me of SPM 1119. lol. i finished it earlier and went to find ying han ^^

hehe...borrowed horror movie to enjoy at home.

guess what, tmr is parents & lecturers day! lol. whatever the lecturers said, i am behaving myself all the while in the class. hehe. but studies i dunnoe la..what u say is what i get. i will still accept them to correct my mistakes.

hmmm...left 7 hours of driving lesson. April driving test! my god...

and piano...going to drive me insane!

although tests are over, but still need to continue other things! life is like that...

ok gtg now.
enjoy life~!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.


A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.


Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you.


Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.


Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.


There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.



It happened this morning. My dad was sending me to college. On the way to LDP highway toll, suddenly a big bang sound came to my ear. And I was so shocked. I was talking to my father, then suddenly got shocked. I was speechless. Haha. The car behind us hit us! Hit us 2 times somemore! Argh…

My father drove to the rest area before the toll there to stop. And I make sure the car behind us din cabut lari. Haha. My dad talked to the malay woman. She said is not her fault. Is the car behind her hit her. Then her car hit us. ‘Chain reaction’ lo. And what the ****, the Chinese girl who hit the malay women’s car cabut lari liao! Lol! If I noe who is the Chinese girl, you watch out! I took pictures of her car and my dad’s car. Easy lo if need some evidence. Haha. Luckily I brought my phone to take the pictures.

Lol I have to walk to college since my father need to settle the problem. Not a big problem for me to walk la. But the distance was farer than I thought. Cuz always go by car ma. Hahax. Hmmph not nice to walk beside the road with many many cars. Peak period ma. Inhaled bad exhaust fumes. Bad for my lungs huh.

Luckily I managed to reach college on time. Sweating and sweating. Luckily I din fall asleep during class. Juz take it as morning walk lo. Haha XD

I wonder what if I met this kind of situation when I am driving. Lol. I dare not to drive liao XD

My mum told me that the Chinese girl go make police report ady. I hear that her gear stuck ady wor… haiz…Phooh luckily she din cabut lari. At least she had done something.

My dad’s car was badly hit. Like sardine fish behind the car there. Haiz… the malay women’s car more geng! Infront like sardine somemore the light loosen and came out. Lol. Her car is quite new I think. Pity her car and my dad’s car oso T.T

Haiz…. What a ‘good’ experience!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

安静了 在我枕边的梦里
爱不是1加1 努力就有结局
分不清激情 承诺 永恒或迷惑

Saturday, March 21, 2009


exam exam and exam...gotta study hard...

walao~ i salute you, jian yun

wat are you looking at? XD

---lunch @ rock cafe---



have a nice day =)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gain and Lose

Some ppl might say : u may gain something but u lose something at the end.

Some ppl might disagree that, but somehow i find that it is true. cuz i have experienced it.

haiz...i had get what i want. but i think i ganna lose something. which is important in me, in my life. and i value it very much.

i dun wish i dun have it one day. i do not noe whether is my problem or not. somehow i think that i can't tolerate others well. so sorry.

maybe i had mood swing recently, and think too much.

hope that everything will be fine


huhu~ gathering before 2nd NS batch.

went to sunway piramid earlier with dad, sis and bro. had sushi king as lunch there ^^ swt...found a fly in my food. at last the waitress ganti one bowl for me. haha. ate till very full~

after lunch went to find keng soon @ TGV cinema. they bought tickets.

since we still have time before the movie, su han, keng soon, ming chuen and I went to walk elsewhere. lol. i kept on asking su han what to buy. haha sry ya. they wanna buy shoes. but at last din buy. we also went asian avenue. huhu i saw yuet~ haha. saw many pretty clothes but dun wan buy =.= i wan one piece! i juz love them~

after that hui le, ying han, xien hwa, ee choe and others arrived. we watched city of ember. the movie quite nice. very special story. kinda like it ^^

movie fini liao went dinner. suddenly phuah dunnoe came frm where. haha. we take quite long time to make decision where to makan. haha. at last we chose hartz chicken buffet. lol i was quite full at that time. ate one whole big bucket of popcorn. very fattening lerh~

disscussing where to eat

shee kah keat, i like ur pose. haha XD

pay before u eat...money money money

butty hui~

xien hwa 'concentrating'...haha.

kah keat kept disscuss about NS. very interesting.

had a nice dinner with them. ying and hui gave birthday present to shee kah keat. haha a bigger size mirror~ lolx.

went jalan-jalan. boys bought cap as bday present for skk too~ ying ah dunnoe why suddenly dissappeared =.= we worry u la...

we decided to go wings cafe. haiz ying and phuah din go. we tumpang ee choe's car go there. thank you for fetching us. oh i wish i can drive. xp

see chin came for the gathering. they busy playing cards while i busy send songs. hahax.

wohoo~ what a nice day. to my friends who are going NS, i seriously miss u all. take care oh~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

hey hey hey

wooh~T2 exam is over. and guess what, more exams are coming soon. this thurs have PT1 for T3, sat is the real T2 exam. after that have Progress Test for T4 and T5 oso...my god. dun think that after T2 exam can relax huh, still need to study lerh...

i think that college life is harder than secondary skul life. need to study everyday. or not, I think i can't survive. haha. that is my opinion.

world prize and malaysian prize winners...i think i am not the one of it. i aim for that but seems like it is impossible. unless i study 6 hours everyday. lol. i really admire qand envy those students who get the prizes. but i no need to worry and think so much, cuz i am not as smart as other students, i can't change my brain, so juz do my best, do what i can lo.

remember 98% is the hard work

oh oh gotta multitask..haha.

good luck and gambateh to all of you out there
dun let difficulties in life obstruct the road to success
all the best!





phooh~ i passed my T2 exam! i really can't believe it! lol...PT2 and mock failed. luckily this real exam i managed to get through. or not i feel that i am very useless. need join march intake and waste my time.

before the exam i was quite nervous.haha.

i hate this part by pussycat dolls is the song that i like and i hear the song when i am studying. gives me confidence and oomph~ haha. realy love it.

i really want to thank ms yu for giving us extra class and teaching me this dumb dumb girl. haha. if not i think i can't pass the real exam. and to all of my friends, very thank you for guiding, advising and supporting me ^^ to my parents, i really love u all. you concern on how is my progress. they knew i had done my best. they did not force me or whatever i dun like.

yipee~ gonna celebrate with family tonight ^^
tmr pula celebrate with friends ^^


all hard work is worth it...

98% hard work 2 % luck plus smart

Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 March 2009

This is the day that i will not forget in my life.

haha yesterday slept quite well. cuz had class in college and felt tired because of those revision questions. really suffering. and i really can't do well. i hope i will pass the REAL exam this saturday.

well, today went to skul at 11pm. waited for almost one hour for the result. while waiting chatted with friends. bcg long time din have great time like today liao. i miss the moments. we went to have a look at our form 5 classroom. haha. i almost forget where is my class ady. lol

she keep nagging us. haha. finally i got my result. i really can't believe that. out of my expectation. happy until burst into tears. really cannot expect that. but i am not satisfied with my BM. i expect to get A. EST i expect get A1. I was damn shocked with my Science subjects' result. i really din expect that. especially chemistry. A2 really appeared! damn happy la. lol. luckily i din fail my sejarah. lolx. i study quite hard. and at last i have no regrets. i have done my best and i am satisfied with my results ^^ hard work is worth it. thinking back and flashback those stressed days. doing exercises till brain juice no more. stress until cry. get scolded. and now everything is over. phooh~ whatever. SPM is over. aim for future now.

went back to tuition centre. i really miss my tuition teachers! she said :

' do not compete with others, compete with urself'
' no matter what is the difficulties in life, juz overcome it! do not give up! '

i really like what she said. and i will be keep motivated by her!

it's time to leave tuition teachers. maybe we would not meet each other next time. we took picture. memories...


i really want to thank my teachers, family and friends. they supported me a lot! without u all , i dunnoe where is my direction today. thank you! muah muahkx...i love u all!

let's celebrate!

oh celebration...

12 March 2009
-A memorable day-

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Owh~~~ i failed my mock exam for T2 ... and i expected that.
i have done all the claculations questions in the revision pack, seriously. and i forced myself to do that. if not i am not going to bed. haha.
haiz...so dissapointing. i juz feel that i am just very stupid. why other ppl can do i cannot? so sad...
and i can't tahan and cried during mr jack's class. thanks to my friends who comforted me ^^ lets support each other and do better !!!
and i dun wan to think the things that had past. i will sure do better, put in the most best effort! [ going for extra special class and mock 2 oso )= ] haih...and i dunoe why it seems so hard to pass T2. and seems like i can't do it anymore. nearly lost confidence.

ohoh~this saturday is the REAL EXAM for T2...i wonder if i failed..............

choi choi choi~~~ i juz do my best and whatever i can.


good luck and all the best

Monday, March 9, 2009


phooh~mock exam is over and i am relaxing...haha. and i realized that i am wasting my precious time relaxing. and i dunnoe why i am so tired although i have enough sleep. swt...i took 3 hours nap man. and it is such wasting time. everytime when i took over 2 hours nap, i will feel guilty. haha...juz feel guilty. sleep so much then do nothing. so feel guilty lo...

well...i have been thinking so many things these few days. juz random and mixed. haha..

i gonna catch up my studies, piano and whatever. i have a feeling that i will fail and get bad results for my mock exam. juz a feeling. and somehow the feeling is right. and it really happens! lol. whatever. juz do my best. and the exam pieces are really torturing me. i start them late and i think i am going for exam august this year. fast la...somemore any things not yet cover like sight reading...aural...my god. i wish i can finish my exam pieces and accelerate! wooh!!!! with rocket somemore. haha. and she say u as a musician must feel the music. not juz playing the piece. okay. i dun think i am musician. since i dun really have the bakat...and i hardly know about the music composers. haha.. and my theory is bad i think.haha. and this is called what musician? haha XD

sometimes i juz think too much. think too much..........but if i dun wan to think about it, seems like i dun wan to face the reality. to think or not to think.???
haha O.o

today went for 2nd driving lesson. and i dun wan to say anymore. i was like noob and stupid dunnoe how to change gear...and i bet the instructor sure can't tahan ady.haha. and when i went back home i cried. i think that i am so stupid. car oso dunnoe how to drive. and the 28 year old man is better me.lolx XD. sure la.
stupid in what. driving. studying. piano. easy questions oso dunnoe how to do. need other ppl teach me. and the person teaching me sure vomit out blood wan. hahax.
and sometimes i juz dunnoe what happened to my brain which is controlling my fingers. i played the songs really badly. somehow i dun have enough practice. lol...

somehow i feel kinda stressed. and i slowly taste the bitterness of college life plus other 'life'...haha. sometimes i think that it is a burden. and i am a burden to others. and what....? if i missed it what am i now? i oso dunnoe what am i supposed to say. too many feelings now.

( O.o too many personal thingy here )

whatever, i juz hope that everything will be fine.
tmr will be a better day i guess...

Friday, March 6, 2009

First Driving Lesson

wootz~! finally i can go for my first driving lesson. i am so slow~ i am just so envy my friends who got P license. i wish i can drive to anywhere i want!
* behave yourself* but not driving during peak hours for sure =.= cuz i nearly bang a stupid lorry. shh~~~ =\

he is mr chan. the first question he asked me >>>

u drive before ar?
i answer ' yes '


he is quiet funny la. when i was concentrating on driving he ask me how to spell michelle. somehow he asked me some english grammar thingy. now what? u teach me driving and i teach u english? -.- hahax~

i dun like the gear at first...haha.but get used to it for a while~

owh~~~ my reverse very cha~~~ u noe wat, i bang the thing on the road ( dunnoe what is it called )

owh somehow i felt tired after the 3 hours driving lesson~ mr chan sent me back home.thank you!

wootz~ mock exam's over and what should i do? ah la normal routine. but i juz love this weekend. dunnoe why.

ohoh~gotta sign off now.bye~

have a nice day =)

Mock Exam & Sunway Piramid

wootz~! finally mock exam is over. lol quite hard la the questions. my brain juice all used up. hahax XP whatever. next week is the REAL exam. my god~! Saturday exam pulak. got open day somemore. i dun wanna fail and join the march intake weh~! gambateh~! study harder lu. wish all my classmates and other coursemates all the best. good luck~! hehe. went to SP with some of my classmates after T2 exam. yea again~ song weh~! haha... went teppanyaki to have lunch. hmmph...jon's noodles. small serving. not very worth for money. Farah's bento set hehe...mine. eating time~ guess what...we decided to celebrate darsh's birthday.hehe...juz wanna gave her a surprise.
mini birthday cake
happy birthday Darsh! (=
after that, we went to the bowling centre. Farah and Jon went bowling. Carmen and I went to see jun hoong and jonathan leow play snooker.

wooh~ went back college @ 3.30 pm. we were rushing back for class! ah la no mood la...haha. feeling like wanna stay @ SP ~hehe...
* legs pain~ won't wear heels and walk so far anymore =.= *

after class i felt tired and sleepy. haha...had very very very nice chat with girl friends ^^ woah~ u all ah...damn funny la weh~~~ i juz laugh untill i can't tahan...stomach gonna burst.
* yuet and nic, i love your pose!!!!!!!!! muahahahahahaha *

those handsome and sporting guys up there sure think that we are mad! haha...juz laugh out like nobody and all my stress are released! thanks babes! i love you all man~
after having chit chat session, we sent our classmate back to hostel
reached home almost 8 pm == tired ~

oh oh thank god it's friday. went cafe to yum cha with my family^^ 102% full.

had a great day~


on monday, venue of class had been changed to 4th floor. the classroom was quite dark~haha

oh oh T3 start ady.

below are some random pics which were taken during class break

*lol.playing with the rocky stick snack*

timetable change ady...

picture speaks thousands of words...