Friday, March 6, 2009

First Driving Lesson

wootz~! finally i can go for my first driving lesson. i am so slow~ i am just so envy my friends who got P license. i wish i can drive to anywhere i want!
* behave yourself* but not driving during peak hours for sure =.= cuz i nearly bang a stupid lorry. shh~~~ =\

he is mr chan. the first question he asked me >>>

u drive before ar?
i answer ' yes '


he is quiet funny la. when i was concentrating on driving he ask me how to spell michelle. somehow he asked me some english grammar thingy. now what? u teach me driving and i teach u english? -.- hahax~

i dun like the gear at first...haha.but get used to it for a while~

owh~~~ my reverse very cha~~~ u noe wat, i bang the thing on the road ( dunnoe what is it called )

owh somehow i felt tired after the 3 hours driving lesson~ mr chan sent me back home.thank you!

wootz~ mock exam's over and what should i do? ah la normal routine. but i juz love this weekend. dunnoe why.

ohoh~gotta sign off now.bye~

have a nice day =)

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