Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Owh~~~ i failed my mock exam for T2 ... and i expected that.
i have done all the claculations questions in the revision pack, seriously. and i forced myself to do that. if not i am not going to bed. haha.
haiz...so dissapointing. i juz feel that i am just very stupid. why other ppl can do i cannot? so sad...
and i can't tahan and cried during mr jack's class. thanks to my friends who comforted me ^^ lets support each other and do better !!!
and i dun wan to think the things that had past. i will sure do better, put in the most best effort! [ going for extra special class and mock 2 oso )= ] haih...and i dunoe why it seems so hard to pass T2. and seems like i can't do it anymore. nearly lost confidence.

ohoh~this saturday is the REAL EXAM for T2...i wonder if i failed..............

choi choi choi~~~ i juz do my best and whatever i can.


good luck and all the best

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