Friday, March 6, 2009

Mock Exam & Sunway Piramid

wootz~! finally mock exam is over. lol quite hard la the questions. my brain juice all used up. hahax XP whatever. next week is the REAL exam. my god~! Saturday exam pulak. got open day somemore. i dun wanna fail and join the march intake weh~! gambateh~! study harder lu. wish all my classmates and other coursemates all the best. good luck~! hehe. went to SP with some of my classmates after T2 exam. yea again~ song weh~! haha... went teppanyaki to have lunch. hmmph...jon's noodles. small serving. not very worth for money. Farah's bento set hehe...mine. eating time~ guess what...we decided to celebrate darsh's birthday.hehe...juz wanna gave her a surprise.
mini birthday cake
happy birthday Darsh! (=
after that, we went to the bowling centre. Farah and Jon went bowling. Carmen and I went to see jun hoong and jonathan leow play snooker.

wooh~ went back college @ 3.30 pm. we were rushing back for class! ah la no mood la...haha. feeling like wanna stay @ SP ~hehe...
* legs pain~ won't wear heels and walk so far anymore =.= *

after class i felt tired and sleepy. haha...had very very very nice chat with girl friends ^^ woah~ u all ah...damn funny la weh~~~ i juz laugh untill i can't tahan...stomach gonna burst.
* yuet and nic, i love your pose!!!!!!!!! muahahahahahaha *

those handsome and sporting guys up there sure think that we are mad! haha...juz laugh out like nobody and all my stress are released! thanks babes! i love you all man~
after having chit chat session, we sent our classmate back to hostel
reached home almost 8 pm == tired ~

oh oh thank god it's friday. went cafe to yum cha with my family^^ 102% full.

had a great day~

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