Friday, March 27, 2009

TGI Friday

Thank god it's Friday! thank god the exams are over ! thank god i can relax now...

Seriously, the tests and exams are driving me crazy. I had cried almost everytime before the tests and exams. Swt! and i dunnoe why...seems like more tough than secondary skul life. ppl say college life is supposed to be more relax than high skul life. now i dun agree that... but i agree deep foundation, bright future. as said by Sunway =)

today juz had PT 1 for T4 and PT2 for T5. haiz...i think i will fail my T4. T5 this time quite ok. not as bad as i thought. no regrets!

lunch went to rock cafe with classmates. after that find ying han. i accompanied her for lunch. we also disscussed about which club to join in college. i juz dun wan to just study. i need activities!

had CSB (English) test oso after lunch. the test reminded me of SPM 1119. lol. i finished it earlier and went to find ying han ^^

hehe...borrowed horror movie to enjoy at home.

guess what, tmr is parents & lecturers day! lol. whatever the lecturers said, i am behaving myself all the while in the class. hehe. but studies i dunnoe la..what u say is what i get. i will still accept them to correct my mistakes.

hmmm...left 7 hours of driving lesson. April driving test! my god...

and piano...going to drive me insane!

although tests are over, but still need to continue other things! life is like that...

ok gtg now.
enjoy life~!

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