Friday, March 27, 2009


why? why? why? why u all want to hurt girls' feelings until like that? do u all noe a girl's feelings? girls are not as tough as boys , ok? pls...some of u , pls be considerate to girls! pls!

haiz....i had experienced the same thing recently. but the tears are not worth for them.

i still cannot manage to get it through, i cry out to release the knot tied in my heart. now ok ady. i tell to myself i should not cry because of that.

relationships are hard to maintain...even at the starting point is kinda hard.

sometimes i think that single is the best. no worries. is not because can flirt with other boys.

somehow my sixth sense is accurate at most times...really.

wish u all can be happy
smile because it happened
think positively
everything will be fine

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