Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Million question

Many people in form 5 will ask:'wat is ur plan after SPM?'
tats really a million question
hmm...i am really confused and helpless..i think im too 'jin jang' ady.SPM not yet fini then think for after SPM liao?but tats good,u can plan for ur future...early is not a sign of bad thing
i ask here ask there...ask ady ask again
'so wat n where r u goin to study? is tat good?ok arr?yameh...?.......?.....?'
watever also came out
i think tis is every form 5 students' dilemma or how to say ...?
i discuss with my parents ady.they say have to think.nvm still hav time..no need to worry

talk bout others la...going to skul to do anjal.quite good actually..
wah tuition giv de notes really effective leh...helps me a loooooooooooot ans wake me up~!
but it seems tat i hav no time to do the things tat i am supposed to do wor...see how to arrange

now is midnite.and i am supposed to go to bed!
good nite!

( hope i can create my own food blog soon )


haiz...today's result came out.the kedudukan class thingy.again im worried..but not too serious.
the others i dun care.my sej 45???oh no...i really dunnoe how he mark the paper.
and che ..phew luckily no fail.but i knew i had put in my best effort,so i am not sad.
but i wan my paper back! i wan to noe where i had done wrong...
i must improve my sej ! priority!!!
and then bio,che add maths

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My 17th birthday~!!! > <

my 17th bday finally came...i'm one year older lu...haha
yst went summit with them...wow so fun!!! play untill forget SPM ady.haha
morning they went to segI college for seminar... :'( cannot go le cuz got tt.haha i was late a little bit cuz i oso went 4 a facial treatment..the session is so nice.my 1st time leh..my face looks better..fair blackheads haha..the girl use wat nourishing milk cuz my face skin dry and need moisture.and cannot like stupid person put the face under the hot shower ...haha so i am the stupid person..lol~ and then rush to tt centre lo...
after tat went summit.since they still in college,they ask me to decide a movie and buy the tickets 1st.guess wat i have chosen ' the house bunny ' !!! nic was so excited!haha ...
still have time..1st thing was .................WENT ATTACK THE BOUTIQUE!!!!! muahaha...we seemed evil...haha nola.we juz wan to try those nice sexy dress..for prom night.walau the red dress really...we wore!hahahaha...the pics sure veri nice de...the dresses tat we have tried very nice...some like auntie some veri cute and mature-looking
we played till sot ady..tat time oso 4get wat is SPM ady...hahahaha
then we went for a light meal and cinema
the movie very nice and funny la~! i recommend especially the girls to watch the movie.
P.S. if next time u ask wat's the person's name , and when he or she answers u... juz remember the name by using the strange tone!!!! wahahaha...if u watch the movie ady then u noe
M O K K Y ~!!! groar...hahahahahahahahaha

after fini watching movie,ying and I go walk 4 a while...we went to the clothes shop..the red blouse so sexy...ying and I decided to giv her as bday present!!wahahahaha ( ying , u noe i noe~haha)they also gave presents to me.thanks the presents are so so so so so so nice and special!!! muahkz love u all
haha i hav one more bday present not yet receive...from MyFM de ...hope it can reach soon.
i oso dunnoe why i win tat thing lo...luck is needed.go try again...

bye bye 16 yrs old de mokky
now i am 17 yrs old de mokky~! ( one year older in the outside but one year younger in the inside...stay young is better than getting older...but things are going on as usual.)

hmm...my bday wish...nothing special
good to have bday be4 SPM

oki write untill here =)

( still wondering how to celebrate 4 them... )

Friday, October 17, 2008

18 - 10 - XXXX

hey hey mokky happy birthday~!
tis morning ...haha ying han's sms woke me up.followed by nic n hui's call ( i think so cuz tat time i was not fully awake and a bit MCC ) hmm...?
thanks ying! ^^ u r the 1st one to wish me...in the early morning somemore...haha jkjk la
i love u all guys...! BCG clover!
see wats happening next =)


haih..thursday din go eat SK.haha guess wat its RM 2 bonanza and many crazy ppl including me were waiting!!!the long queue ...mad la. but mum say need wait too long so we have to eat at another place...
OK . we decided to eat pizza hut then.hmm...the menu seems attractive.but when the food came..it dissappointed us.less topping,small,size and not tasty.service is bad too!oh my god.i can't stand these..plus.the food tat we ordered did'nt been served yet...and the ...said you must still pay because you have ordered.then we said wat??? like tat de service oso got...but we waited so long and the food...still not yet been served!
haih..i was really dissapointed with tat..anyway here you can't expect too much.somemore they are they...haha. >.<
when i eat out or eat something...im very particular about it.so in other words im quiete 'yim jim'de...but in certain aspect la...not too yim jim

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is my first blog in B...juz wanna create an account , another acc ...previously already have MSN myspace and friendster blog.i just love to write blog~! maybe tats a good way 2 write my 'diary'...
erm...juz wanna write about what happened recently...
ah SPM is comin..left onli 20 + days...whatever..she said untill the last minute last second,you cannot give up! u must do ur best to achieve what u want..
now she is in the hos..i think giv birth ady gua.hope she is ok.she is the best teacher tat i had ever met.since tat day is the last day,so HH and I decided to giv her a letter..a good-bye letter...haha i oso dunnoe wat am i writing,including stupid idioms...wahaha..and have 3 more days,i need to say goodbye to them..i will miss you guys~! Wish u all good luck in SPM.don't forget me oh =)
still hav tt hw...its like tat...need to sacrifice.walau now i onli noe i hav printed so so sooooooooooo much papers to do...almost infinity!ok so i hope i can fini them.but pst yr Q is the priority.

juz get trial's result...actually im quite satisfied.i noe i had put in my effort...of course thanks to my teachers,family and friends who gave me support.muahkzzzzz love u all~!

she juz came bac frm hos...oh my god she is much more thinner than i thought~!so pity her...the doctor still dunnoe wat have caused the high fever...haiz...now she is very happy and cheerful..so happy tat i can play with her...

not goin 2 skul...@ home study...tat day went to skul very boring.teacher no teach.Bio die la...nvm i try to catch up.why not? wah we 3 chatted with the boys tat day.they are so cute! e had a fun time..we laugh and talk and talk till terkacau PMR students..i love u all guys! model's leg is hurt cuz kena glass...porridge oso show the pics in his hp...so disgusting la.juz hope ur leg will b fine.i really enjoying the time when talking to them...they are so wonderful!i realized our relationship bcom so good since F4.and after the steamboat dinner.haha.puan ooi oso came in to class 2 giv AM anjal hw.BM oso got hw...i use 5 hrs to complete the hw!!dunnoe is im doin too slow or wat...puan ooi talked to us about after SPM.she said better not go to Form 6..why?i still not very really understand about it...so after SPM need think carefully..make a good choice 4 my future.

now i realized something..actually SPM is no hard and nothing to scare...but if got scared a little bit its okay,normal...be confident!!! i can do it!!! everybody can do it!!!

ARh after SPM i mus go relax!!!!! must

hmm...the day is coming.feel kinda lonely..but not tat as i think.ok

yeah tonight im going to eat sushi king with my whole family...its the 1 st time we have dinner in SK..can't wait. mm i really appreciate wat my parents had done..wat i want they will try their best to giv me..like tis time.my mum think which is the best day 2 go since i have been talking about SK and my bro have exam.my dad oso agreed not to go to the club but bring us out to hav dinner at SK.(feel kinda embarrased...)i love u all~!!!!! muahkxz.....

the hard time is coming.do not stress too much.juz do ur best! i noe what i am doing..and i hope it will be fine.

okie write untill here=)

have a nice day and wish all PMR candidates have a great time enjoying after tmr..then its my turn...haha.
=) =) =)