Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Million question

Many people in form 5 will ask:'wat is ur plan after SPM?'
tats really a million question
hmm...i am really confused and helpless..i think im too 'jin jang' ady.SPM not yet fini then think for after SPM liao?but tats good,u can plan for ur future...early is not a sign of bad thing
i ask here ask there...ask ady ask again
'so wat n where r u goin to study? is tat good?ok arr?yameh...?.......?.....?'
watever also came out
i think tis is every form 5 students' dilemma or how to say ...?
i discuss with my parents ady.they say have to think.nvm still hav time..no need to worry

talk bout others la...going to skul to do anjal.quite good actually..
wah tuition giv de notes really effective leh...helps me a loooooooooooot ans wake me up~!
but it seems tat i hav no time to do the things tat i am supposed to do wor...see how to arrange

now is midnite.and i am supposed to go to bed!
good nite!

( hope i can create my own food blog soon )

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