Thursday, November 13, 2008


graduate ady ...
wOw finally SPM arrive ady...actually i feel half nervous half happy.cuz scare can't do well n happy after SPM cuz can do wat i want.hee...

first day

BM and SEJ obj
phoooh dunnoe why i feel quite scared..nervous.hands become icy cold.haha...the day before tat oso can't really sleep well.i tried to calm down myself
then after taking the paper feel quite easy and relaxed...phew~~
wah sej is more easier than i think...
haiz seriously my health condition is not very good
feel headache,sleepy...tired....

second day

fine.eng was quite easy ...phew ...and the much easier than i think!!! poem easy
haiz but the pearl very less thing to write...feel kinda dissapointed...
sej first feel scared...scared cannot write anything out.but it was not true
i untung leh~! i din read de topic din cum out...muahahahahhahahha
the questions quite easy..aiya essay juz write whatever...pour out watever my brain have
msyrkt AJ came out!!!!!!!!muahahahhahahha
tats my pro...i like to read about Islam anyway

third day (today )

feel like SPM is nothing need to be normal exam
feel calm
hmmm maths...i din do any exercise
yst sleep at 9 pm haha....lazy
maths ok la
obj still can handle
paper 2 okok
the earth thingy easier than i thought

-waiting for life after SPM-

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