Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things that i wish to do after SPM

but wait...before that
i must get at least 8 A's in SPM.of course,better straight A's lah...
if dai kat lei si cannot,nvm,because i know tat i hav done my regrets

now...muahahahha enjoy life after SPM
got prom la...steamboat dinner la...whatever...

1 . Sleep till I drop

2 . Sort my books....owh so many....

3 . Burn and destroy Sej book

4 . Clear memory of komsas,literature and history in my brain...DELETE ALL!!!!dun ever leave even 1% of space for the evil thingy

5 . online to search for more info on tertiary education,FOOD,extra knowledge...whatever

6 . Set up a food blog

7 . Get a driving license

8 . Finish my piano till Grade very very very very hard on tat...

9 . Get a very very very hard to earn more more more a lot a lot of money
(mostly spend on FOOD , trip , nice dresses whatever.....)

10 . Brush up my English

11 . Learn Thai and Japanese language..

12 . Attack popular bookstore ( magazines , novels , whatever........)

13 . Decide STPM or what.....if STPM start to read books on tat
work very super hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 . Organize reunion dinner to meet up with my friends...will d miss u all guys !!!!!!

15 . gather with BCG clover...muahkzzzz!!!! love love~!

i will add if i forget

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