Thursday, May 20, 2010

the morning is just beautiful and awesome...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

hearts to you all!

everything has been done on the fast pace. we have tasted the 9 hours class on the weekends, and it taste bitter! phew, luckily it is over, for this semester.

lets cherish and appreciate the last day of ACCA first semester with our F5 lecturer, Ms Voon Sia and dear friends :3

she actually said : " I Love You All"! awwwwwww the first ever teacher that said it! *sobs*

we love you too!


btw, check it out in The Star's news paper today :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Love You, Lumix


alright, supposed to go for interview but the person said not confirmed yet, and didn't reply me. so....anyway, better to concentrate on studies first than making money :D

i felt so guilty for F5, the lecturer and of course, myself. what to do? that's the best answer i guess ? =/ who doesn't want to pass all the papers?

email from ACCA : " if exams are all you can think about right now, no problem, we understand.
(=.=) how i wish not to think about you

the badminton cup thingy. seriously i like they way how to 'attack' each other.

and the worst days are here. classes on sunday is from 8.30am to 7 pm. hahleluya.

what to do?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pink Wednesday @ Baskin Robbins

finally managed to try baskin robbins ice cream. on every wednesday, all you need to do is show them pink, like wearing pink attire, or showing any things that are pink in colour that you have with you, then you can get 2 scoops of junior scoop ice cream at one scoop's price.

RM7.50 + 5% tax = RM7.90 for two yummy scoops of ice cream. definitely worth it! :)

Freshlook Illuminate Contact Lenses

always wanted to try the black ring contact lens until that day the salesgirl came to me and offered a free trial pair *yay!* will wear it one fine day...

btw, ciba vision is giving away 3 pairs of free trial lenses from 19th April to 13th June 2010. all you need to do it click and register yourself, and don't forget, your power for both eyes. they will deliver the contact lenses to your doorstep :) click the website provided for more info

Last Day of F4 EDC

sad? happy? hmm... i realized the stress of this paper is equal to almost 3 CAT papers :'( was emo yst... haiz...what to do? this is exam stress and i need to face it, once in every 6 months. return in next sem for 6 months more? *touch wood!*
to my friends who are stressed because of it, cheer up! i believe you all can do it! :)
some camwhoring session during break time, to release our stress...

candid shot, credits to shu lin for the pics :)

hmm olympus pen oso not bad oh...

Birthday girl

during the 2 hours break, we went pyramid to celebrate maybell's birthday. just in time.
seems like it was impossible to catch the shuttle bus. so we walked.

birthday girl on the left :)

Yin Wen with Maybell

Lawrence with Daniel


other photos are with jun yu... i wan the pictures lar. when will u upload? :P


Friday, May 7, 2010

how can I live without you?


silly me, caused an ugly bruise on my knee :(

day one

day two


F4 Law revision class had started. it was really tiring. sobx... but seriously the class really helped me a lot *weeeeeeee* tmr is the last day. will i be able to continue studying by myself?

more revision classes coming soon. luckily this week no piano class temporarily. thank god, if not i will collapse.

photography can release my stress....hmm...

maybe it's the right time already, i kinda look forward to it, but see how things goes on first.

study mood is continuing, frequency of blog updating depends :)