Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last Day of F4 EDC

sad? happy? hmm... i realized the stress of this paper is equal to almost 3 CAT papers :'( was emo yst... haiz...what to do? this is exam stress and i need to face it, once in every 6 months. return in next sem for 6 months more? *touch wood!*
to my friends who are stressed because of it, cheer up! i believe you all can do it! :)
some camwhoring session during break time, to release our stress...

candid shot, credits to shu lin for the pics :)

hmm olympus pen oso not bad oh...

1 comment:

ying said...

don't be stress. why emo? wish u good luck in your exam. don't worry, u can do it. gambatte=)