Friday, May 7, 2010

how can I live without you?


silly me, caused an ugly bruise on my knee :(

day one

day two


F4 Law revision class had started. it was really tiring. sobx... but seriously the class really helped me a lot *weeeeeeee* tmr is the last day. will i be able to continue studying by myself?

more revision classes coming soon. luckily this week no piano class temporarily. thank god, if not i will collapse.

photography can release my stress....hmm...

maybe it's the right time already, i kinda look forward to it, but see how things goes on first.

study mood is continuing, frequency of blog updating depends :)

1 comment:

ying said...

u bang something? take care of your knee.

don't be sad. u can do it de. seems like u very like to take photo,