Friday, May 14, 2010


alright, supposed to go for interview but the person said not confirmed yet, and didn't reply me. so....anyway, better to concentrate on studies first than making money :D

i felt so guilty for F5, the lecturer and of course, myself. what to do? that's the best answer i guess ? =/ who doesn't want to pass all the papers?

email from ACCA : " if exams are all you can think about right now, no problem, we understand.
(=.=) how i wish not to think about you

the badminton cup thingy. seriously i like they way how to 'attack' each other.

and the worst days are here. classes on sunday is from 8.30am to 7 pm. hahleluya.

what to do?

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ying said...

wat interview?

gambatte in your studies. do more exercise or read more to understand it.