Friday, July 30, 2010

Good vs Bad

Do you want to read about the bad or good things first?

I'll start with the good one first.

Yesterday I was having a late dinner+yum cha session with family at KimtalB, Jalan Kenari Puchong. After having my meal, I went to the washroom. When I came back, I saw there was something happening at my family's table, and I was wondering what was going on. My mum just said the waiter accidentally poured some hot soup over her. Omg?! The waiter kept apologizing profusely to us. After a while, the cafe manager came and ask whether the waiter had poured hot soup or cold drinks. My mum said it was hot soup. The manager looks upset and kept apologizing profusely and politely to us. Unlike some other restaurants/cafe, they don't even care about you and they still shout and blame with you, according to my mum's experience. The manager then gave us some free snacks as compensation. Their attitude towards customers is good, isn't it? Btw, the food taste nice and the price is affordable. I don't mind having my meal there again next time :)

The bad one

While I was having break during Financial Management class yesterday, I received a call from my cousin. Her tone of voice sounds rushing and worried. She is looking for my mum but I was having class so my mum is definitely not there. So I asked her to call my mum's handphone number. A few moments later, my mum called me saying that grandma has been admitted to the ICU @___@

Luckily grandma is fine. She has been discharged from hospital. BUT, there is a reason behind it why she was discharged. The doctor in the hospital said that there is no vacant room left for my grandma to occupy. But my grandma insisted she wants to continue staying there for few days in case of any other health problems. So since my grandma is already fine, the doctor asked her to be discharged from hospital.

The WORST thing- My grandma was alone at home after she came back from the temple. Suddenly she vomitted and was having breathing difficulties. Luckily my cousin who is staying beside heard of my grandma shouting for help. She then called the ambulance for help. Guess what, the UKM, yes, it's UKM's staff said that there is no ambulance available at that time. WTH! my grandma was suffering and this time you tell me there is no ambulance available? It was totally ridiculous and my cousin scolded at them. The staff then asked what happened to my grandma. My cousin said she is having breathing difficulties bla bla bla. After hearing that, then the staff is willing to call the ambulance for emergency.

After my cousin and grandma repeatedly asking the nurse to change my grandma's diapers, the nurses still didn't bother to do so. When my grandma asked for hot water, the nurses said there was no hot water available. What kind of service is that?

Overall that happened on Friday yesterday. Hope grandma is fine.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun Things To Do During A Boring Lecture

>Bring a fully-stocked picnic basket to class. Explain that you didn't have time to eat breakfast.

>Claim that you wrote the class text book.

>Wear a cap with a big S on it. Inform classmates that the S stands for "study".

>Stand to ask questions. Bow deeply before taking your seat after the professor answers.

>Ask whether you have to come to class

>Present the professor with a large fruit basket

>Wink at the professor every few minutes.

>In the middle of lecture, ask your professor whether he believes in ghosts.

>Laugh heartily at everything the professor says. Snort when you laugh.

>Bring a blowhorn. Use it when you ask or answer a question.

>Hire a video crew to come to the class. If asked about it, say that you have to tape the lecture for a friend.

>Bring a water gun. Shoot the professor when his back is turned.

>Get the other students in your row to do the wave.

>When the professor asks a question, raise your hand. If the professor calls on you, point to someone in the next row and say "He knows." Pick a different person each time.

>Buy a doll. When you go to class, leave the doll in your chair, along with your notebook and pen. Say that you have an important meeting to go to, and that the doll will be taking notes for you.

>Bring a typewriter. Use it to take notes.

>Write a love note. Sign it "a secret admirer". Get someone to pass it to the professor.

>Get up to go to the bathroom five or six times during the class. Change clothes every time.

>Shout "WOW!" after every sentence of the lecture

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nyonya Imperial Restaurant, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Craving for Nyonya food? Try out the delicacies in this restaurant. The prices are really affordable, with nice ambience thanks to the decor in the restaurant. This restaurant is highly recommended :)

currently they are having promotion of 50% discount for the 3rd dish ordered, plus free soup for each person.

Fish&Chips RM10.90- not too oily.
Tom Yam Fried Rice RM8.90 if im not mistaken. I will rank this at number 2 in my best tom yam fried rice list. seriously this is very aromatic and flavourful. close to perfection! :D
Durian cendol RM5.90 if im not mistaken 0_0 again this is so yummy that I dunoe how to describe lol.
i've tried other dishes like curry fish head, lobak, chicken chop, belachan fried rice and special fried rice during my previous visits. tasted awesome!
will certainly go back there for more srumptious nyonya food! :)

Tak Fok Seafood Restaurant, Bandar Puteri, Puchong

My family and I visit this place quite often to satisfy our seafood cravings.

Affordable prices+Yummy yummeh= happiness :D

all you need to do is dip this cute buns into any gravy like marmite or butter sauce & bon appetite!

this signature fried beancurd is so addictive! @_@

the most satisfied picture :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Food Trip with Buddies (Part 2)

Japanese food makes me go mad!

Kai Zen Japanese Restaurant, Bandar Puteri Puchong.

silky smooooooth egg custard-chawanmushi. YUM!

other food was just so so only :) sushi zanmai is preferred

thanks to the girls! we had fun chatting, eating, laughing......

the food was not enough for us. so......yeah, we headed to a mamak shop nearby to fill in the remaining space of our stomach XD

NBTD during semester break. and now? LOADS OF THINGS TO DO!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Yes, sometimes it is hard to say the word.

Again, the same thing repeated. Seems like I am the one who suffers the most disadvantages. Fine, maybe the faith is there and i am/will get used to it. It's not that I want to purposely repeat it or what, but, it is just the truth.

Whatever, I already have no feelings on you. You just dissapoint me.

This is what I want to say after sooooo long time. I mean what I say :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Food Trip with buddies (Part One)

One Utama

Okay that was my first time driving to the furthest place from my house =/ 2 uncles nearly spoiled my day with huge food enthusiasm. Seriously it has been some time since I visited One Utama.

Thought Sticky is in Singapore only but over the moon I saw it in OneU! *happy*

around RM 10++ per bottle of candy.

it has many kinds of design. all of them are cute! *.*

'live show' on making the candy

I didn't buy though cuz it was quite expensive :)

It's breakfast time!!! My mind was just thinking about one of my favourite food. TAKOYAKI!!! the best takoyaki in jusco. yum yum yum yum yum yum.........

The next place to makan was Seoul Garden, a Korean style buffet restaurant. Since it was a weekday, we took the student price. It's about RM 25 per person.

Overall the food tasted not bad. The marinade really helps to enhance the flavour of the fish and chicken. I will certainly go back for more :)

Jia Yeen the photography enthusiasist :) take care of baby ya XD

More food trips upcoming! Stay tuned :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Exam Season

Thinking back the pre-exam-studying-like-hell-days, it made me shiver >_<

Ahhhhhh glad it's over. Another round of roller coaster is about to begin very soon.

The best thing that I am very grateful was my mum actually sent me a text message on law paper exam day, saying

do your best in law paper today.
jia you jia you! :)

Not forgetting other friends like Ying Han, Jia En and Khai Ling and others. Thank you for all the wishes. Love you all :3

Some energy booster for exam :D

Spotted this near CLC 0_0

My comfort food

Bought this for snack @ RT pastry, SS15 Subang Jaya

Free one Sausage Egg McMuffin coupons! Yummmm

Let's do something else for study break next semester :)

TGI Fridays, IOI Mall Puchong

Ying, Thomas and I decided to celebrate Phuah's 19th birthday at TGIF. It was my first visit over there. Two course meal including one appetiser plus one entree cost RM 29.90 available during weekdays only :) You will never believe how many times of "WOW VERY NICE LEH!" I said that day :D

Fried Mac & Cheese.

Boneless Wings


drinks they ordered seperately :)

birthday cake for the birthday boy was Marble Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe (the girlfriend knows what flavour of cake does the boyfriend likes :P )
LOL the waiter there actually asked Phuah to stand on the chair and sing a song they requested. They even sang their own version of birthday song for him. Oh there were 5+ people celebrated birthday on that day as well :D

cheesecakes @ Secret Recipe are always the best ;) *saliva drooooling*