Thursday, July 1, 2010

TGI Fridays, IOI Mall Puchong

Ying, Thomas and I decided to celebrate Phuah's 19th birthday at TGIF. It was my first visit over there. Two course meal including one appetiser plus one entree cost RM 29.90 available during weekdays only :) You will never believe how many times of "WOW VERY NICE LEH!" I said that day :D

Fried Mac & Cheese.

Boneless Wings


drinks they ordered seperately :)

birthday cake for the birthday boy was Marble Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe (the girlfriend knows what flavour of cake does the boyfriend likes :P )
LOL the waiter there actually asked Phuah to stand on the chair and sing a song they requested. They even sang their own version of birthday song for him. Oh there were 5+ people celebrated birthday on that day as well :D

cheesecakes @ Secret Recipe are always the best ;) *saliva drooooling*

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