Friday, July 30, 2010

Good vs Bad

Do you want to read about the bad or good things first?

I'll start with the good one first.

Yesterday I was having a late dinner+yum cha session with family at KimtalB, Jalan Kenari Puchong. After having my meal, I went to the washroom. When I came back, I saw there was something happening at my family's table, and I was wondering what was going on. My mum just said the waiter accidentally poured some hot soup over her. Omg?! The waiter kept apologizing profusely to us. After a while, the cafe manager came and ask whether the waiter had poured hot soup or cold drinks. My mum said it was hot soup. The manager looks upset and kept apologizing profusely and politely to us. Unlike some other restaurants/cafe, they don't even care about you and they still shout and blame with you, according to my mum's experience. The manager then gave us some free snacks as compensation. Their attitude towards customers is good, isn't it? Btw, the food taste nice and the price is affordable. I don't mind having my meal there again next time :)

The bad one

While I was having break during Financial Management class yesterday, I received a call from my cousin. Her tone of voice sounds rushing and worried. She is looking for my mum but I was having class so my mum is definitely not there. So I asked her to call my mum's handphone number. A few moments later, my mum called me saying that grandma has been admitted to the ICU @___@

Luckily grandma is fine. She has been discharged from hospital. BUT, there is a reason behind it why she was discharged. The doctor in the hospital said that there is no vacant room left for my grandma to occupy. But my grandma insisted she wants to continue staying there for few days in case of any other health problems. So since my grandma is already fine, the doctor asked her to be discharged from hospital.

The WORST thing- My grandma was alone at home after she came back from the temple. Suddenly she vomitted and was having breathing difficulties. Luckily my cousin who is staying beside heard of my grandma shouting for help. She then called the ambulance for help. Guess what, the UKM, yes, it's UKM's staff said that there is no ambulance available at that time. WTH! my grandma was suffering and this time you tell me there is no ambulance available? It was totally ridiculous and my cousin scolded at them. The staff then asked what happened to my grandma. My cousin said she is having breathing difficulties bla bla bla. After hearing that, then the staff is willing to call the ambulance for emergency.

After my cousin and grandma repeatedly asking the nurse to change my grandma's diapers, the nurses still didn't bother to do so. When my grandma asked for hot water, the nurses said there was no hot water available. What kind of service is that?

Overall that happened on Friday yesterday. Hope grandma is fine.

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Hope she get well soon