Friday, September 17, 2010


Can't get enough of awesome holidays with friends and family. How I wish holidays were longer, but it's impossible :D

one of the places where happiness, calmness and serenity can be found

thirsty max and can't get enough of cranberry juice

these drinks in red box made me visit the washroom for 5 times =.=
karaoke with buddies are fantastic! :3

thanks to Ying Han for the good food recommendation :D

mild peri-peri chicken with mediterranean rice and grilled vegetables. the chicken is awesome! but we were still hungry after having the meal >_< thanks to eu jin and ruby too...we had a great day, isn't it? :P

Skin's Best Friend

Most teenagers usually face pimples and blemishes problems, like me. I have oily skin which is really annoying, seems like one tonne of oil paper blotters is not enough for me. When I began to search the best facial wash that really suits my oily skin, seems like all doesn't work for me. After 30 minutes of washing face, the oil begins to secrete again. urghhh...

Until I found this...

Ah! This is the best facial wash for me. I have been using this since I was 12 years old. So it has been 6 years already! Imma loyal fan of Clean and Clear products :D

6 years back, the price of it was aroudRM9.90. And now, the price increased to around RM10.90. Inflation? lol. Despite of that, I still stick to this particular brand of facial wash.

Say bye to pimples and blemishes, thanks to the foamy bubbly Clean&Clear facial wash :)

Which product is your skin's best friend? :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

weekend project

it's not assignments but preparing something that can deliver love and happiness to family members :3

guess what i'm going to do with this can of sweet juicy lychee? :D

tada! it's konyaku jelly! in the lovely mould :P sis has been craving for this for long long time already. finally she can have loads of these noms to spice up her day XD

the excess are being poured into the big mould

yum yum! but didn't manage to snap the jelly with the mould patterns cuz they are 'selling like hot cakes'! :P the jelly with white layer on top was made by my mum. she used pandan santan and mixed into the jelly solution. love it!

seaweed crackers are up next! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010


Since how long have you been away with your friends and family?

Well, I have not tasted the feeling before, but for short term, yes. At least I know it will be sad if it happens for long term :)

When I was happily surfing the net just nao, my sister practised her piano songs. It reminds me of how long I have been away from practising the piano.

Seriously, about 5 months I have not touched my piano since the piano grade 8 practical exam was completed. Kinda sad case hor?

Reasons why I have not touched the piano YET :D

1. ACCA occupies almost all the time

For ACCA students, you have to just study, study and study but not doing anything else. But, at least you can surf the net, especially FACEBOOK. Facebook and piano, which one is preferred? I usually spend free time on facebook, but not on practising piano. lame excuse?

2. There's no nagging anymore

You will get nagging if you don't practise the piano, isn't it? For most of the parents, they will nag because they pay money for your piano course. Nagging makes you practise reluctantly, which has no meaning of practising. Playing piano requires great patience and interest, which can improve skills of playing piano. Well, for people who has talent, that's a different story :P they have the skills naturally gifted by god.

3. There is no practical exam anymore!

When there is another final practical exam is coming really soon, you practise like mad. Some of you might be thinking since you don't have practical exam in few months time, then why should I practicse? Or, you want to invest more time in your school assignments rather than playing piano.

4. There is no self motivation
For me, the self motivation comes from piano sheets. Since I'm lazy I really need someone to download all the nice new chinese songs score and PRINT for me to practise on. Or I need to ask around for the scores. Another lame excuse?

I remembered how keen I want to learn piano when I was young, at the age of 5 I think? And the feeling of giving up when I reach grade 5. Vividly etched in my mind...

Anyway, I still love playing piano. I love using the latest chinese songs as sight reading, playing it over and over again, enjoying the beautiful melody line while singing silently in the heart. It is a precious asset that my parents gave me and I worked hard for it. Seriously hope the course will be completed smoothly.

playing piano can release stress too, do you agree? :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

yummy stuff on earth

I'm always looking forward to Friday night. You know why?

soft, chewy, fragrant cutie little bites of doughs. what is it?

It's muachi! I'll get it on every friday! :P

Basically it's made from glutinous rice flour, steamed, cut into pieces and rolled wih glorious crunchy peanuts and sugar. nom nom nommmmm.

chewing it=chewing worries away


I'm always a happy girl. You know why?

This healthy fruit juice simply boost my mood. Sipping in the juice with full of vitamins and love from dad, I'm the happiest girl on earth.

happiness is the best medicine to cure sadness, isn't it? :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Da Sa Rang, SS15, Subang Jaya

Another test is over and we're planning where to eat for dinner. Plain old food that we had over and over again last time was already enough for us, so we decided to try out this korean restaurant, at least a fresh new try on different food :) thanks to shu lin and chia syn for the recommendation.

ice water given FOC in case your tongue is on fire

korean green tea- RM2

Refillable side dishes. Cute and yummy

spicy beancurd stew- RM15 and comes with one bowl of rice. not as spicy as i thought. It would be better if there is more soup slurp! ;)

korean rice cake dumpling soup- not sure about the price. the rice cake is chewy, soup tasted normal like chinese egg flower soup.

free slices of watermelon as dessert to complete the meal

Pictures of the day

imma loving this panorama shot :)

another great monday night with buddies

Kim Gary Restaurant, Mid Valley

recently fell in love with this place :)

got this for free using popular card plus the voucher from popclub magazine. offer valid until this month end. yumm yumm

included in the set meals which are really worth it

pork slices egg mushroom rice
chicken chop

chicken chop cheese baked rice
pork chop fried tomato spaghetti

another great place to dine in if you are craving for hong kong food. the yin yong here has a stronger taste of coffee, not too much of sugar or evaporated milk, which I love it! :) compared to wong kok and U-village.

guess who I saw

take a closer look! :P

DJ Royce from MyFM. The one in yellow shirt :D Haiz kinda regret didn't take picture with him blek

overall I had a wonderful Sunday! :D

Thursday, September 2, 2010