Monday, September 6, 2010

Da Sa Rang, SS15, Subang Jaya

Another test is over and we're planning where to eat for dinner. Plain old food that we had over and over again last time was already enough for us, so we decided to try out this korean restaurant, at least a fresh new try on different food :) thanks to shu lin and chia syn for the recommendation.

ice water given FOC in case your tongue is on fire

korean green tea- RM2

Refillable side dishes. Cute and yummy

spicy beancurd stew- RM15 and comes with one bowl of rice. not as spicy as i thought. It would be better if there is more soup slurp! ;)

korean rice cake dumpling soup- not sure about the price. the rice cake is chewy, soup tasted normal like chinese egg flower soup.

free slices of watermelon as dessert to complete the meal

Pictures of the day

imma loving this panorama shot :)

another great monday night with buddies

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