Monday, September 6, 2010

Kim Gary Restaurant, Mid Valley

recently fell in love with this place :)

got this for free using popular card plus the voucher from popclub magazine. offer valid until this month end. yumm yumm

included in the set meals which are really worth it

pork slices egg mushroom rice
chicken chop

chicken chop cheese baked rice
pork chop fried tomato spaghetti

another great place to dine in if you are craving for hong kong food. the yin yong here has a stronger taste of coffee, not too much of sugar or evaporated milk, which I love it! :) compared to wong kok and U-village.

guess who I saw

take a closer look! :P

DJ Royce from MyFM. The one in yellow shirt :D Haiz kinda regret didn't take picture with him blek

overall I had a wonderful Sunday! :D

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