Sunday, January 17, 2010

dad bought bananas frm fruit shop, while he was peeling the skin off, he noticed 3 bananas are sticking together as you can see from the picture. uploaded it to the star website for the first time. although didn't win the RM50, but at least it is published in the newspaper today :)
btw they changed the caption that i wrote.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy 19th birthday, Jun Yu! =)

Joyful Tuesday

did your lecturer tell you, advice you not to hang out in pyramid so often? haha...i thought about this. to me it is only the beginning, this is the time to relax more =)

mum suddenly called when i was having class, phew i thought something bad happened until i need to rush back home, means cannot go pyramid ady. actually dad left his handphone in his car which i drove on that day. mum asked me to check for any calls and hide the phone, if kena steal then sei lo...=.=" haha... it's over.

class finished at 11am. ying have break for 3 hours. so we decided to use this opportunity to hang out together. went over taylors college in leisure commerce square to fetch her to pyramid. i never see ppl having 3 days of orientation consecutively =.="

went to play dancing machine @ asian avenue. it was totally fun!!! want to play thousands of times lar XD played until sweating and hungry, where to makan? SUSHI ZANMAI! <3

ying went there for the first time. she ordered the tempura don which she keep eating and keep saying it is nice =D haha...not bad leh. next time we go again ya ^^ whereas i sticked to ordering my chicken katsu don. all the sushi 'travelling' on the conveyor belt are so tempting! who wants to sponsor us makan? XD joking la...

omg im seriously addicted to sushi zanmai =P

really appreciate the day we hang out because we will meet each other less often already. i will always miss you ya my dear XD


Weekend project

So, what are the things that are included in my weekend project?





It's painting and cleaning the house! it normally sound kinda frusfrating to me, because i do not like to do that work, and i am assuming dad will do the painting, and mum will do the cleaning. but i do not know why i was very willing to help them on that day, good girl! =P's scary for me to climb the ladder =/

what my dad had painted on the wall =.=" actually he was complaining the colour was too dark, it's kinda like horror feel colour to him, so he draw the sort of like alien thing. it's funny tho, hehe...

i like you, my dear =D

Monday, January 11, 2010

the truth lies behind that cannot be seen

how do i look here?

seriously, dissapointed, pissed off.

the burden gets heavier as ACCA slowly progress. again, the jam at LDP nearly caused me to have sudden heart attack. at the moment, ignorance and silence is not a bliss to me.

i don't know why. can't accept the truth?

back to serious blogging. hmm so far classes were okay. i have mood swings recently because of something. hope it won't affect my studies lar. gotta work hard for ACCA, to all my coursemates, study hard and smart ya! work hard now, and every single hard work will pay off, in the end you will get a good return :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

the first awesome weekend of 2010


had fun yum cha session with Ying Han, Phuah, Panda and Thomas. Sorry Ying Han that I was unable to fetch you and didn't know that you were outside my house. paiseh~ but my house is really a disaster now right? haha... ah I guessed it right XP

the boys were late. Ying and I suggested the one who reach the latest will belanja all of us lol. i had the best conversation ever with them. gossiping, girls talk, some boys talk that i dun really understand XD the best part that made me laugh was the popcorn and erm...everything! haha...

panda fetched all of us back since it was already 12 midnight. phuah kinda like shouted panda drive too fast, didn't on signal. LOL. the whole car was again filled with laughter.

slept at 2.30 am after watching hillarious movie.


Usual routine. piano class, drove mum to pasar...I didn't follow because there is no more parking I need to stay in the car. we were late. the pasar was again totally a disaster. there are too many cars and no parking. hmm...

It's been a long time since I went to grandma's house. my mum, sis and I had pork noodles at sri petaling before going to her house. so far it is not the best pork noodles that i ever had, but the taste is still ok for me. the good thing is it is not oily. unlike the pork noodles i had in KL, it was aromatic and delicious, but kinda too oily, thus not healthy.

my grandma's dog almost scared me off >_<

thank you grandma, hope to see you soon :)

haiz...not going for chocolate fair @ mid valley exhibition centre because house is still under renovation today. need to stay at home to keep an eye on them.

new class for F4 and F6 paper are going to start tomorrow. can't wait for it.

i am imagining how many pages of notes i need to 'burn and drink' or in other words, memorize!

Pictures of trip to Pulau Pangkor

that was my first time going for a trip to one of the islands in malaysia, and of course also the first time taking ferry ride- excited.

first time taking boat ride to different places on the island. namely, coral bay, man bay, turtle bay, and snorkelling spot. i have forgotten the other places.

chalet resort. very nice indeed. the price for staying per night is also very 'nice'

this is the turtle bay. they name it turtle bay bay because the natural rock looks like a turtle. and there are turtles swimming in the sea. unfortunately we were unable to see any turtles that day.

----snorkelling session @ coral bay----

as you can see, the water is quite clear.

we got to feed the fishes too! buy they didn't finish the bread


had a very good snorkelling experience, but i only saw 2 types of fishes =.=" is there other types of fishes? =D

after snorkelling, we went to an island ( forgotten the name of it) to rest. we ( dad, sis, bro and me ) actually didn't care much about the sunburn effect and went to catch other sea creatures under the hot sun like...hmm...small crabs, oysters, fishes. hehe...we then put them into a bucket. after seeing them enough, we released them. lol.

beautiful and sexy beach! isn't it? =D

weee spotted a sea cucumber. first time seeing live one. =.=" it tends to change its body shape lol. i think we kacau it too much, sign of asking us to get away from it. haha.

soft and smooth when you touch it. to me kinda geli >_<

time to say goodbye to pangkor :(

Friday, January 8, 2010

Yes Sir! 高校铁金刚 fans meeting session @ IOI Sense Cafe, Puchong

we were so close to each other LOL...i think just 3 meters away. thanks to my sisters and her friends who managed to get a place. before that we tried to book for a place but we failed. it was full house that day.

the host, DJ Nicholas from MY Fm

here comes Danny Boy. i can see that he is kinda shy.

and Rynn Lim Yu Zhong. i dunoe why he dye his hair golden brown?

----autography session----

i was just standing beside the long table and keep on taking photos like mad. suddenly a lady in charged of the event pushed away my camera and used the poster to ask me to stay a longer distance. she was so rude!!! later camera drop on the floor u ganti rugi???


Monday, January 4, 2010

another day

monday is kinda like another sub-topic of my life in year 2010. i clearly know that this year is 2010, not 2009 anymore. unlike previous years, i still write the date wrongly XD

according to the last minute plan, my house is officially under renovation staring on monday, and finish within one month i think? we have been moving the furnitures and stuffs here and there, and it was really tiring. our house has too many things, so please do not keep on buying unnecessary stuffs. right now, the marble floor of the living area will be replaced by new yellow colour tiles. the living area is totally a disaster now as they have removed the marble tiles. all the debris have been cleaned up, and i can't wait for the new tiles to be put on. well i decided to take before and after picture to compare the difference.

hmm...we only can move around upstairs, so it's kinda like one storey life, perhaps condominium life? how inconvenient. we have our meals upstairs, so the room will be full of food smell =/ my room has temporarily become a storeroom! haiz... what to do? no more other sufficient place to put the things except my room.

after renovation it will be another busy days for me. cleaning up, moving things, arranging furnitures........phooh~ i want my study table back! XD

i wanna go out today but i can't :( going to start study soon, so good luck and all the best to everyone ^^

Friday, January 1, 2010

Brief Flashback of 2009

first of all, happy new year 2010 to everyone! may this year bring luck and happiness to all of you.

year 2009 is a definitely the most challenging year for me. i started to be a CAT student, which at first i think it is interesting, slowly progress to boring, then feel that it is hard. after 2 months, i realized that it is not as bad as i thought. started to change the lazy and not-so-good-attitude, and i finally passed the papers for June 2009 session.

throughout the year, i have gone through the hurdles that i never encounter before. i have nearly lost/lost important things that mean to me a lot. at the same i have gained something valueable, but at the end, i have lost some of it. imagine. i have learnt to be independent without it, i cried because of it for the first time, i have learnt to be strong........many things. as one year progresses, many things are learnt.

new year resolution? simple.
PRIME: Pass CAT and be an official full time ACCA student.
SECOND: complete grade 8 piano course.

No war in the world, peace!
take care of myself properly
dun think about it again

i believe year 2010 will be a good year to me, and all of you. good luck and all the best. if you think you can, you can! believe in yourself!


happy 1st anniversary to