Monday, January 4, 2010

another day

monday is kinda like another sub-topic of my life in year 2010. i clearly know that this year is 2010, not 2009 anymore. unlike previous years, i still write the date wrongly XD

according to the last minute plan, my house is officially under renovation staring on monday, and finish within one month i think? we have been moving the furnitures and stuffs here and there, and it was really tiring. our house has too many things, so please do not keep on buying unnecessary stuffs. right now, the marble floor of the living area will be replaced by new yellow colour tiles. the living area is totally a disaster now as they have removed the marble tiles. all the debris have been cleaned up, and i can't wait for the new tiles to be put on. well i decided to take before and after picture to compare the difference.

hmm...we only can move around upstairs, so it's kinda like one storey life, perhaps condominium life? how inconvenient. we have our meals upstairs, so the room will be full of food smell =/ my room has temporarily become a storeroom! haiz... what to do? no more other sufficient place to put the things except my room.

after renovation it will be another busy days for me. cleaning up, moving things, arranging furnitures........phooh~ i want my study table back! XD

i wanna go out today but i can't :( going to start study soon, so good luck and all the best to everyone ^^

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