Friday, January 15, 2010

Joyful Tuesday

did your lecturer tell you, advice you not to hang out in pyramid so often? haha...i thought about this. to me it is only the beginning, this is the time to relax more =)

mum suddenly called when i was having class, phew i thought something bad happened until i need to rush back home, means cannot go pyramid ady. actually dad left his handphone in his car which i drove on that day. mum asked me to check for any calls and hide the phone, if kena steal then sei lo...=.=" haha... it's over.

class finished at 11am. ying have break for 3 hours. so we decided to use this opportunity to hang out together. went over taylors college in leisure commerce square to fetch her to pyramid. i never see ppl having 3 days of orientation consecutively =.="

went to play dancing machine @ asian avenue. it was totally fun!!! want to play thousands of times lar XD played until sweating and hungry, where to makan? SUSHI ZANMAI! <3

ying went there for the first time. she ordered the tempura don which she keep eating and keep saying it is nice =D haha...not bad leh. next time we go again ya ^^ whereas i sticked to ordering my chicken katsu don. all the sushi 'travelling' on the conveyor belt are so tempting! who wants to sponsor us makan? XD joking la...

omg im seriously addicted to sushi zanmai =P

really appreciate the day we hang out because we will meet each other less often already. i will always miss you ya my dear XD


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ying said...

thank you very much for fetching me.

thank you for recommend the sushi zanmai. It was so nice. haha...ok. panda has to sponsor us makan.

ok. miss u too.