Friday, January 8, 2010

Yes Sir! 高校铁金刚 fans meeting session @ IOI Sense Cafe, Puchong

we were so close to each other LOL...i think just 3 meters away. thanks to my sisters and her friends who managed to get a place. before that we tried to book for a place but we failed. it was full house that day.

the host, DJ Nicholas from MY Fm

here comes Danny Boy. i can see that he is kinda shy.

and Rynn Lim Yu Zhong. i dunoe why he dye his hair golden brown?

----autography session----

i was just standing beside the long table and keep on taking photos like mad. suddenly a lady in charged of the event pushed away my camera and used the poster to ask me to stay a longer distance. she was so rude!!! later camera drop on the floor u ganti rugi???


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