Saturday, January 9, 2010

the first awesome weekend of 2010


had fun yum cha session with Ying Han, Phuah, Panda and Thomas. Sorry Ying Han that I was unable to fetch you and didn't know that you were outside my house. paiseh~ but my house is really a disaster now right? haha... ah I guessed it right XP

the boys were late. Ying and I suggested the one who reach the latest will belanja all of us lol. i had the best conversation ever with them. gossiping, girls talk, some boys talk that i dun really understand XD the best part that made me laugh was the popcorn and erm...everything! haha...

panda fetched all of us back since it was already 12 midnight. phuah kinda like shouted panda drive too fast, didn't on signal. LOL. the whole car was again filled with laughter.

slept at 2.30 am after watching hillarious movie.


Usual routine. piano class, drove mum to pasar...I didn't follow because there is no more parking I need to stay in the car. we were late. the pasar was again totally a disaster. there are too many cars and no parking. hmm...

It's been a long time since I went to grandma's house. my mum, sis and I had pork noodles at sri petaling before going to her house. so far it is not the best pork noodles that i ever had, but the taste is still ok for me. the good thing is it is not oily. unlike the pork noodles i had in KL, it was aromatic and delicious, but kinda too oily, thus not healthy.

my grandma's dog almost scared me off >_<

thank you grandma, hope to see you soon :)

haiz...not going for chocolate fair @ mid valley exhibition centre because house is still under renovation today. need to stay at home to keep an eye on them.

new class for F4 and F6 paper are going to start tomorrow. can't wait for it.

i am imagining how many pages of notes i need to 'burn and drink' or in other words, memorize!

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ying said...

never mind. it's ok. no need to say sorry. not really disaster.

haha...u dun really understand is they talking about games.