Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tai Lei Loi Kei, Macau 1968 (大利來記豬扒包) @ Taipan USJ

Think of Macau's famous food, think of Macau pork bun they said. It reminds me of watching few food TV programme showcasing the famous Macau delicacy backed up by a super long tourists queue. Food with long queue must be good, but the price to pay is the air ticket. Now that Tai Lei Loi Kei has arrived in Malaysia, cravings can be satisfied most of the time.

You can choose either Polo bun or French Baguette-like bun to go with pork chop. While I missed the chance to try the earlier, the feedback of it from other foodies was positive. They liked the sweet taste contributed from Polo bun that complemented well with savoury taste from the pork chop.

For the latter, it is spreaded with thin layer of butter then lightly toasted, making it crusty on the outside and slight fluffy on the inside- like how a good French baguette should be. But bear in mind to enjoy it fast, or else you wouldn’t want to bite onto a cold hard bun. Needless to say, the pork chop was bursting with marinade flavours, savoury enough to go with the mentioned bun. While the pork was relatively juicy and thick enough, it has a hint of sweet aftertaste that is worth more than just one bite.

 Polo Pork Chop Bun (RM12.90)

 Signature Pork Chop Bun (RM12.90)

Miss your daily dosage of carbohydrate? You also have the option of noodles or rice. It is worth noted that TLLK also serves chicken chop, which will be introduced later.

You can pretty much customize your meal by adding on various items- luncheon meat (RM1.80), egg (RM1.50), ham (RM1.80) and cheese (RM2.00)


Four Heavenly Kings Pork Chop Bun

This is essentially basic pork chop bun with various add-ons. All the meaty sinful goodness in one bun, can you resist it?


Bouncing Noodles with Pork Chop (RM12.90), add-ons at additional charges.

The noodles are made from duck egg, making it exceptionally more springy compared to the local ‘wan tan’ noodles. While the black sauce coating on the noodles can be better, but the texture of the al-dente noodles are sufficient to enjoy my meal- it’s a matter of preference really.

Bouncing Noodles in Broth (Price: N/A)

Want something soupy? Opt for this instead of dry noodles version. The pork broth tasted just average hence it was nothing much to shout about, but suitable for those who like less salty and light broth. Customize your meal with the add-ons available and you will have a bowl of comfort like below.

Bouncing Noodles in Curry Broth (Price: N/A)

For those who doesn’t like coconut laden curry broth, this is for you. For me the broth consistency was a tad too watery, and hardly packed with ‘oomph’ from curry spices- Perhaps I’m just used to local curry noodles. Fishballs and beancurd puffs completes this bowl of noodles.

 Macau Chicken Wings (RM9.90)
Taste similar to the marination used for pork chop, the frying time was well controlled thereby maintaining juiciness inside. I can easily have four of these, or maybe more :P


Macau Curry Fish Balls (RM5.90)

The curry sauce really got me hooked- it tasted like crossover between Indian and Japanese curry which are also my favourite. The thick curry consistency resembles Japanese version, while bursting with strong Indian curry spices. You can expect some potato cubes and onion slices inside. It went well with the fishballs, and did I mention rice as well as noodles? It might be salty for some people, but that’s how I like my curries.


Supreme Pork Chop Rice (RM12.90)

Supreme Chicken Chop Rice (RM12.90)

The chicken chop is topped with some butter gravy, which actually created slightly oily experience in addition to the oil from chicken skin. Aside from that, I liked the very well marinated and tender chicken, while the skin part was crispy and very flavourful. Indeed a good option for customers who wants to switch from usual signature pork chop.


A Hong Kong meal is never complete without a cup of Iced Macau Milk Tea (RM3.90), be it iced to beat the recent hazy hot weather, or hot version to enjoy the most tea taste out of it. Smooth yet relatively thick, but not the best I've had as the tea aftertaste could be stronger.

Iced Coffee (RM2.80)- too sweet and overpowered coffee aroma. Hope they can look into this matter after I have provided feedback to the owner.

Sawdust Cake (left- Chocolate, right- Original)- RM5.50 for ala carte. Only RM3.50 for add-on.

It is essentially made up from layers of chilled whipped cream and crushed biscuits (power-like form).

For the original version, it was just like eating cheesecake. While I liked the slightly hard texture that resembles vanilla ice cream, some prefers softer like the chocolate flavoured Sawdust cake. The biscuits powder could be a little too much to go with the hard vanilla cream part, which I have nearly choked a little on it.

However, the biscuit blended well with the chocolate mousse like cream hence provided a better whole experience on this dessert that can hardly be found anywhere. They could do better on the chocolate flavour though, stronger the better as we found it too mild to our liking.

If you ask me to choose one, I would go for vanilla version but with reduced biscuit toppings.

Tai Lei Loi Kei

4A, Jalan USJ 10/1J,
Top Speed Business Centre,
Subang Jaya.

(Located near to Old Town White Coffee and just beside Lorong Seratus Tahun)