Saturday, July 3, 2010

Food Trip with buddies (Part One)

One Utama

Okay that was my first time driving to the furthest place from my house =/ 2 uncles nearly spoiled my day with huge food enthusiasm. Seriously it has been some time since I visited One Utama.

Thought Sticky is in Singapore only but over the moon I saw it in OneU! *happy*

around RM 10++ per bottle of candy.

it has many kinds of design. all of them are cute! *.*

'live show' on making the candy

I didn't buy though cuz it was quite expensive :)

It's breakfast time!!! My mind was just thinking about one of my favourite food. TAKOYAKI!!! the best takoyaki in jusco. yum yum yum yum yum yum.........

The next place to makan was Seoul Garden, a Korean style buffet restaurant. Since it was a weekday, we took the student price. It's about RM 25 per person.

Overall the food tasted not bad. The marinade really helps to enhance the flavour of the fish and chicken. I will certainly go back for more :)

Jia Yeen the photography enthusiasist :) take care of baby ya XD

More food trips upcoming! Stay tuned :)

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