Friday, October 17, 2008


haih..thursday din go eat SK.haha guess wat its RM 2 bonanza and many crazy ppl including me were waiting!!!the long queue ...mad la. but mum say need wait too long so we have to eat at another place...
OK . we decided to eat pizza hut then.hmm...the menu seems attractive.but when the food dissappointed us.less topping,small,size and not tasty.service is bad too!oh my god.i can't stand food tat we ordered did'nt been served yet...and the ...said you must still pay because you have ordered.then we said wat??? like tat de service oso got...but we waited so long and the food...still not yet been served!
haih..i was really dissapointed with tat..anyway here you can't expect too much.somemore they are they...haha. >.<
when i eat out or eat very particular about in other words im quiete 'yim jim'de...but in certain aspect la...not too yim jim

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