Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is my first blog in B...juz wanna create an account , another acc ...previously already have MSN myspace and friendster blog.i just love to write blog~! maybe tats a good way 2 write my 'diary'...
erm...juz wanna write about what happened recently...
ah SPM is comin..left onli 20 + days...whatever..she said untill the last minute last second,you cannot give up! u must do ur best to achieve what u want..
now she is in the hos..i think giv birth ady gua.hope she is ok.she is the best teacher tat i had ever met.since tat day is the last day,so HH and I decided to giv her a letter..a good-bye letter...haha i oso dunnoe wat am i writing,including stupid idioms...wahaha..and have 3 more days,i need to say goodbye to them..i will miss you guys~! Wish u all good luck in SPM.don't forget me oh =)
still hav tt hw...its like tat...need to sacrifice.walau now i onli noe i hav printed so so sooooooooooo much papers to do...almost infinity!ok so i hope i can fini them.but pst yr Q is the priority.

juz get trial's result...actually im quite satisfied.i noe i had put in my effort...of course thanks to my teachers,family and friends who gave me support.muahkzzzzz love u all~!

she juz came bac frm hos...oh my god she is much more thinner than i thought~!so pity her...the doctor still dunnoe wat have caused the high she is very happy and happy tat i can play with her...

not goin 2 skul...@ home study...tat day went to skul very boring.teacher no teach.Bio die la...nvm i try to catch up.why not? wah we 3 chatted with the boys tat day.they are so cute! e had a fun time..we laugh and talk and talk till terkacau PMR students..i love u all guys! model's leg is hurt cuz kena glass...porridge oso show the pics in his disgusting la.juz hope ur leg will b fine.i really enjoying the time when talking to them...they are so wonderful!i realized our relationship bcom so good since F4.and after the steamboat dinner.haha.puan ooi oso came in to class 2 giv AM anjal hw.BM oso got hw...i use 5 hrs to complete the hw!!dunnoe is im doin too slow or wat...puan ooi talked to us about after SPM.she said better not go to Form 6..why?i still not very really understand about after SPM need think carefully..make a good choice 4 my future.

now i realized something..actually SPM is no hard and nothing to scare...but if got scared a little bit its okay, confident!!! i can do it!!! everybody can do it!!!

ARh after SPM i mus go relax!!!!! must

hmm...the day is coming.feel kinda lonely..but not tat as i think.ok

yeah tonight im going to eat sushi king with my whole family...its the 1 st time we have dinner in SK..can't wait. mm i really appreciate wat my parents had done..wat i want they will try their best to giv tis mum think which is the best day 2 go since i have been talking about SK and my bro have dad oso agreed not to go to the club but bring us out to hav dinner at SK.(feel kinda embarrased...)i love u all~!!!!! muahkxz.....

the hard time is not stress too much.juz do ur best! i noe what i am doing..and i hope it will be fine.

okie write untill here=)

have a nice day and wish all PMR candidates have a great time enjoying after tmr..then its my turn...haha.
=) =) =)

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