Monday, March 9, 2009


phooh~mock exam is over and i am relaxing...haha. and i realized that i am wasting my precious time relaxing. and i dunnoe why i am so tired although i have enough sleep. swt...i took 3 hours nap man. and it is such wasting time. everytime when i took over 2 hours nap, i will feel guilty. haha...juz feel guilty. sleep so much then do nothing. so feel guilty lo...

well...i have been thinking so many things these few days. juz random and mixed. haha..

i gonna catch up my studies, piano and whatever. i have a feeling that i will fail and get bad results for my mock exam. juz a feeling. and somehow the feeling is right. and it really happens! lol. whatever. juz do my best. and the exam pieces are really torturing me. i start them late and i think i am going for exam august this year. fast la...somemore any things not yet cover like sight god. i wish i can finish my exam pieces and accelerate! wooh!!!! with rocket somemore. haha. and she say u as a musician must feel the music. not juz playing the piece. okay. i dun think i am musician. since i dun really have the bakat...and i hardly know about the music composers. haha.. and my theory is bad i think.haha. and this is called what musician? haha XD

sometimes i juz think too much. think too much..........but if i dun wan to think about it, seems like i dun wan to face the reality. to think or not to think.???
haha O.o

today went for 2nd driving lesson. and i dun wan to say anymore. i was like noob and stupid dunnoe how to change gear...and i bet the instructor sure can't tahan ady.haha. and when i went back home i cried. i think that i am so stupid. car oso dunnoe how to drive. and the 28 year old man is better me.lolx XD. sure la.
stupid in what. driving. studying. piano. easy questions oso dunnoe how to do. need other ppl teach me. and the person teaching me sure vomit out blood wan. hahax.
and sometimes i juz dunnoe what happened to my brain which is controlling my fingers. i played the songs really badly. somehow i dun have enough practice. lol...

somehow i feel kinda stressed. and i slowly taste the bitterness of college life plus other 'life'...haha. sometimes i think that it is a burden. and i am a burden to others. and what....? if i missed it what am i now? i oso dunnoe what am i supposed to say. too many feelings now.

( O.o too many personal thingy here )

whatever, i juz hope that everything will be fine.
tmr will be a better day i guess...

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