Saturday, March 14, 2009

hey hey hey

wooh~T2 exam is over. and guess what, more exams are coming soon. this thurs have PT1 for T3, sat is the real T2 exam. after that have Progress Test for T4 and T5 god. dun think that after T2 exam can relax huh, still need to study lerh...

i think that college life is harder than secondary skul life. need to study everyday. or not, I think i can't survive. haha. that is my opinion.

world prize and malaysian prize winners...i think i am not the one of it. i aim for that but seems like it is impossible. unless i study 6 hours everyday. lol. i really admire qand envy those students who get the prizes. but i no need to worry and think so much, cuz i am not as smart as other students, i can't change my brain, so juz do my best, do what i can lo.

remember 98% is the hard work

oh oh gotta multitask..haha.

good luck and gambateh to all of you out there
dun let difficulties in life obstruct the road to success
all the best!

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