Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 March 2009

This is the day that i will not forget in my life.

haha yesterday slept quite well. cuz had class in college and felt tired because of those revision questions. really suffering. and i really can't do well. i hope i will pass the REAL exam this saturday.

well, today went to skul at 11pm. waited for almost one hour for the result. while waiting chatted with friends. bcg long time din have great time like today liao. i miss the moments. we went to have a look at our form 5 classroom. haha. i almost forget where is my class ady. lol

she keep nagging us. haha. finally i got my result. i really can't believe that. out of my expectation. happy until burst into tears. really cannot expect that. but i am not satisfied with my BM. i expect to get A. EST i expect get A1. I was damn shocked with my Science subjects' result. i really din expect that. especially chemistry. A2 really appeared! damn happy la. lol. luckily i din fail my sejarah. lolx. i study quite hard. and at last i have no regrets. i have done my best and i am satisfied with my results ^^ hard work is worth it. thinking back and flashback those stressed days. doing exercises till brain juice no more. stress until cry. get scolded. and now everything is over. phooh~ whatever. SPM is over. aim for future now.

went back to tuition centre. i really miss my tuition teachers! she said :

' do not compete with others, compete with urself'
' no matter what is the difficulties in life, juz overcome it! do not give up! '

i really like what she said. and i will be keep motivated by her!

it's time to leave tuition teachers. maybe we would not meet each other next time. we took picture. memories...


i really want to thank my teachers, family and friends. they supported me a lot! without u all , i dunnoe where is my direction today. thank you! muah muahkx...i love u all!

let's celebrate!

oh celebration...

12 March 2009
-A memorable day-

3 comments: said...

haha..gong xi..gong xi oh..u cry tat time..really scare me..haha..

yingfriendship said...

Congratulation!u suddenly cry scare me leh...Anyway, u got good result should be happy.^^

♫ M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ ♥ said...

thank you. haha... ok hehe =) miss u