Thursday, March 19, 2009


huhu~ gathering before 2nd NS batch.

went to sunway piramid earlier with dad, sis and bro. had sushi king as lunch there ^^ swt...found a fly in my food. at last the waitress ganti one bowl for me. haha. ate till very full~

after lunch went to find keng soon @ TGV cinema. they bought tickets.

since we still have time before the movie, su han, keng soon, ming chuen and I went to walk elsewhere. lol. i kept on asking su han what to buy. haha sry ya. they wanna buy shoes. but at last din buy. we also went asian avenue. huhu i saw yuet~ haha. saw many pretty clothes but dun wan buy =.= i wan one piece! i juz love them~

after that hui le, ying han, xien hwa, ee choe and others arrived. we watched city of ember. the movie quite nice. very special story. kinda like it ^^

movie fini liao went dinner. suddenly phuah dunnoe came frm where. haha. we take quite long time to make decision where to makan. haha. at last we chose hartz chicken buffet. lol i was quite full at that time. ate one whole big bucket of popcorn. very fattening lerh~

disscussing where to eat

shee kah keat, i like ur pose. haha XD

pay before u money money

butty hui~

xien hwa 'concentrating'...haha.

kah keat kept disscuss about NS. very interesting.

had a nice dinner with them. ying and hui gave birthday present to shee kah keat. haha a bigger size mirror~ lolx.

went jalan-jalan. boys bought cap as bday present for skk too~ ying ah dunnoe why suddenly dissappeared =.= we worry u la...

we decided to go wings cafe. haiz ying and phuah din go. we tumpang ee choe's car go there. thank you for fetching us. oh i wish i can drive. xp

see chin came for the gathering. they busy playing cards while i busy send songs. hahax.

wohoo~ what a nice day. to my friends who are going NS, i seriously miss u all. take care oh~


yingfriendship said...

Nice picture for gathering. Next time sent me the picture oh...very sorry, that day I didn't go to wings and didn't fetch u go back home.You all seems have fun at wings.

yingfriendship said...

Very sorry,that day i suddenly missing. Don't worry. I won't lost one.

♫ M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ ♥ said...

hehe thanks..ok i will send u. nvm la. ya but u and phuah not there a bit boring. or not phuah will say very funny de things and then we laugh until gila liao XD. ok nvm. u juz suddenly not there and we go find u =)