Friday, August 27, 2010


Chilli pan mee

to me, the best one goes to Jojo's Little Kitchen Pan Mee.

Meringue kisses

Last time I had meringue was during Chinese New Year one year ago, if I'm not mistaken. The lucky thing is I just had plenty of them today. I'm really craving for it long long time already. I tried to make it but mission failed so too bad-lah. Bought one jar of them from Ikea today. Ikea's selling them at RM10 per jar! Super worth it and tasted awesome! It's beyond my expectation. Meringue was crispy and sweet enough. Topped with chocolate chip makes it cute, yummmmmmy max and perfect! FYI, Ikea is selling other cookies & biscuits as well at RM1o too. They have the pineapple biscuit, chocolate almond cookies and more. Do check it out when you visit Ikea :)

I want more meringue kisses! :(

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