Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Experience in Awana Genting Highlands

Just a short and crappy post

As you all know, I was staying in Awana during the last two days of #RWGMoFE. The first weird point is why we were allocated to the rooms below the lobby which is situated underground. We had to take the lift from the lobby DOWN to 6th floor. I thought normally we should take the lift UP right? Okay nevermind...

While walking along the corridor to our room, some feelings were just not right. It doesn't feel the same as any corridors in other hotels. Maybe I was just thinking too much. Okay nevermind...

As usual I knocked on the door before slotting in the card to access into my room. Chinese believe that by doing this, the evil spirits will go away so that they will not disturb our stay in the hotel room.

Walking into the room, the first thing I noticed was why are there so many mirrors?! About 4 of them infront of the basin, 1 in the seperate shower room (when you shower you can see your top body, what for?) and a whole long stretch behind the sofa >.<

All I can say is I did not feel comfortable staying inside the club suite, it feels like something is watching me =S I have no problem staying in other hotels except for this, first one.

During the first night, Evelyn, Yen Ling, Hanis and I were staying in one room watching X-Men on Astro. After that we talked about some ghost stories which are real ones. Suddenly Yen Ling heard someone crying and her face changed. We didn't notice that until she asked whether we heard anything. We didn't. We asked what happened but she refused to tell us. The boys came over too for some ghost story telling session. Really creepy but I enjoyed listening to them =O Until the next morning...

We headed to Rajawali Coffee House for breakfast. As usual la we like to talk about ghost stories again. Yen Ling told us what she heard last night and I was like @__@ *hair stands* Okay don't think too much it's over. Rayyan and Hu Boon heard someone singing in their room too which is at the corner of the floor.

As we were talking further, the lights above our table flickered twice! O.O The only lights above us but why not the other tables? *deng deng deng*

For more stories and explanation, read Evelyn's and Yen Ling's posts about staying in Awana.

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