Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Genting Mountain of Food Explorace 2.0 (Pre-race & Day 1)

First of all I would like to thank Rayyan for giving me this golden opportunity to participate in this event which is held in Genting for 4 Days 3 nights.

So far it has been so much of fun running around searching for clues in challenges (I'll talk about it shortly). Although it's very tiring especially during the first day of challenge, I know that we will get used to it. Have fun and enjoy is the most important thing ;)

All of our sponsors since Day 1 so far are Resort World Genting, Wrangler, Travel for All, Fujifilm and Yes! 4G. Thank you so much for the kind consideration.
Our room in First World Hotel
We watched the show 'Freeze' and it was an amazing combination of magic show, acrobatics, funny elements all on ice. Highly recommended to watch!

We had 13 challenges so far as of today. Participants from China and Indonesia joined our Malaysia team too.
A group picture with our winter clothing sponsored by Travel for All after completing one of the challenges as shown in the picture below
Take a look at what other interesting challenges we have gone through. We were arranged into 10 teams, with 2 persons per team. Kindly click at the picture to enlarge for better viewing ;)
Check out Challenge 11- the Mother of all challenges (so far =P)
We actually get to enjoy the rides at outdoor theme park while completing our challenges.
Other challenges that we went through are:
::designing an energetic meal, obtain approval, take picture of the designed meal and EAT (whole day eat until stomach want to burst already. Read further and you will know why. This was the first challenge when we already had our breakfast and they want us to eat again -__-
::drawing a designated dish on a piece of paper (mine was salad so it was easy to draw hahaha) to let your partner to guess, obtain drawing approval, partner will have to take the food after successfully guessing, and EAT. This happened after we had our lunch in Coffee Terrace and they want us to eat again. Luckily it is just salad =P

For dinner, we were lucky enough to dine in the Vegetarian Restaurant in Chin Swee Temple after our last challenge for the day *phew* We took the 9 floors stairs up to the Pagoda just to find our missing station master. But in the end she was not there to give us our next clue -.- all the climbing was worth burning the calories =P

The dishes for the night are
Soup of the day which consists of carrot, old cucumber and mock chicken
Mixed Mushroom with Brocolli
Stir fry vegetables. I supposed it to be potatoe leaves.
Salted Fish and Pork in Claypot
Lamb curry
'Loh Hon Chai' in Yam Ring. My most favourite dish ever.
Pomfret with Teow Chew/ Thai Style Sauce
We called it a day and all of us went back to our hotel room to update our blog using Yes! 4G internet device.

We are going to check out tomorrow and shift to Awana Hotel. The facilatator request us to wear light clothing. Hmm, I wonder what and how will the challenges be for the next 2 days. Until then, stay tuned to my blog for more updates! ;)

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