Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sunway College open day

since i have nothing to do at home,i suggested my father to bring me to the open day.

i reached there quite late.hah!i went for the aptitude test first.many questions.some quite funny.the results was not of my expectation.anyway it is just a suggestion and reccommendation only.

my dad also enquired about the accounting course.

hehe i saw the myfm crew members! i went to play a game.but i lose ady la..haha!
so what are the prizes?
4 packets of tissue
an expired himalaya products voucher (==)
himalaya brand dental cream & facial wash

while my bro managed to get a small christmas bear.cute cute! from S&J .


swt!the girl beside me seems like already mad!i just behtahan her =.=//

conclusion : some of the things that u want may not belong to u at the end.things will change from time to prepared for it and think properly before u make a i better think what course should i take,concerning many factors.

gambateh!!!!!! go for it! ( depend on your abilities )


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