Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Can't believe it. today is the last day of 2008.
morning went to rm 3 da pai dang in bandar puteri to have breakfast.the food quite quite nice.quantity of serving is quite ok.taken pics but lazy to upload ==
watched deadth note movie...finally! very very very nice! although im outdated ==
then headed to sunway piramid.31-12-2007 i was in SP too~!ate awful dinner.saw hui le and nicolette.i miss them so much! finally i can see their face! haha...miss my other friends too!again,that incident happened again.hope 31.12.2009 will not happen this kinda sick today.i dun wan to be sick on 1.1.2009.sob sob.

lets see what happened in year 2008.

i confess that this is the most wonderful year tat i ever had.
i have loving friends and family ^^
i attended the camp in school with BCG. unforgettable
i have great teachers to guide me to sit the SPM examination
but sadly. i have stopped my piano for a few months ady
the school activities makes my secondary school life more interesting
i have graduated frm my secondary school
i had sat for my SPM exam
i had went to oversea this year
i did not get NS
i went to genting overnight with friends for the 1st ever time.
i have attended my first ever prom night
i had chosen my pathway
i registered myself in college
i learned many things this year
i have changed my attitude
i love 2008!

thanks to everybody who had scolded,nagged,advised,praised,looked down
i had learned many valuable lessons from u all
thank you~

new year wishes???

teachers,friends,and family and other people all over the world will have good health
health is wealth
no war.yes peace.
i can study my course well in the college
i can manage to cope with the piano stress
and of course do well in grade 8 practical exam
i can eat well, sleep well,have clothes to wear.
'chi de bao , chuan de hao , shui de hao ~ '


hello year 2009~~~~~~~~~

i welcome you


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