Thursday, December 18, 2008

Training & interview

Monday 4 pm went basic promoter training with butty hui in OUG.
tat was the 1st time i make up myself.ah kinda ugly.
we reached there quite early.we were the 1st to reach.the trainer asked us to fill in our details in the com.we wait and wait for almost 2 hours! also not yet start.haih...i hate waiting for people.worse is the 4 ppl late 4 one hour!
the trainer was quite funny...sometimes serious.i learnt many things through the training.he asked questions to test us.we also learnt how to set up and dismantle the booth.

after training 8.30 pm only reach home.quite tired but happy.


another interview.

it's a law firm.the boss interview and ask questions.haha i can't ans well.can't expect him to ask this type of Q.scared.haha.faster think faster give ans lo hehe...
after tat butty hui and I went berry cake shpo bought bread and tart just to get small change to take bus.haha.then we try to take bus go back home.waited for 30 mins!hot day hot sun somemore.haha saw xien hwa and ming chuen.they also take bus go ioi work.
after tat can't tahan,my mum cum fetch us.

thanks butty hui for the job! =D

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