Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Meaningful and Enjoyable day

Finally...i registered myself in college ady . haha...really finally...after long time struggling and thinking.maybe this is the road i have about the road not taken? it reminds me of the form 5 literature poem.watever,i hope this choice is made hard and go for it lo~still thinking how will my college life be?
saw benjamin wong at the college info centre.haha.the orientation day is coming very soon~

i miss my classmates very very much.some have went to NS.wish them have a nice and safe time there.

besides that,hah,my grade 8 practical piano.need work more harder my teacher said it will be more difficult.ok.

after all the so called process in the college,we headed to my favourite place ------ The Curve

hehe...saw the restaurant named wat ketam seafood steamboat...haha.then i decided to have a sis accompanied me.follwed by my cute bro. parents went to dine in teppanyaki.haha funny...split into 2 groups and dine in 2 diff places.

haiz...the steamboat overall was not so nice as my friend told me.the soup was ok.the fishballs were not very fresh.service ok. haha conclusion Mizi is always the best larr...

then went to usual,bought the yummy swedish chocolate very sweet.i can't take too much of that.

haha! then go directly to the curve! truly my shopping paradise.muahaha.seriously,fact, i like to go there.when im in the curve, i feel no stress at im a bird flying freely...haha.I LOVE THE CURVE! hahax...

the flea market there is a place that must be visited by especially girls.u can find many affordable,reasonable priced no matter accesorries,shoes,handbags,fake eyelashes...watever.u will be spoilt for choices~!

hehe i bought some hair ornaments.5 for rm huh? okok lo...hahax~thanks mum!

my mum , sis and I walk around together.we decided to go to popular to read books.we passed by the royale bintang hotel.we relaxed ourselves there by sitting on the very comfortable sofa.haha.then a man came in and played the piano in the hotel just beside us.his playing skills is wonderful~! clap hands!!! we oso chat for a while.he gave us some advice regarding music.example do not give up in music.i really like the way he talked.he is so friendly. and i realized that......
i am not really good in music. so? i need to work harder and harder lo~
thank you _________ ( sorry Mr. i do not know your name )

suddenly dad called us . he asked us to go to the computer shop there .haha .
after asking our opinion , he bought a dunnoe how many inches LCD monitor. im a lame computer if i say anythings wrong..sorry...
haha lol.

then went madam lim to have supper ...haha! not healthy ah...10 pm ady still wan eat.very fast service and nice food~yum yum

( i feel tat i fat ady wor... )

swt ! ==

hmm quite good and fulfilling day i had ^^

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