Friday, December 19, 2008


hah!now is 2.23 am and 6 pm i am leaving to singapore.and now? i am not sleeping.still online! wOw...but i can't viewing food blog.

these few days almost 2am sleep...awh... goin singapore.not feeling excited or...haha.i heard frm many ppl tat the food thr has diff taste frm here.ah i just concerned about food.hahax XD
helped mum packed things,helped dad do research,and im prepared!

last time when i was a baby i went singapore before.but i can't seem to, i should say tat this is my 1st time to singapore.hah! i must appreciate! ^^

take many many many pics!have fun there!

and sry guys i will not be able to online and reply u all.wish u all have a nice holiday~!



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