Friday, January 2, 2009

:'( T.T

today i am quite sad because

i still not recover frm sickness.cough and running nose.feel bad. 2 nd day of new year still like is important!no health no talk!

i saw somebody's blog.again u noe im Libran and i hate to be left alone.but not their my problem.they have it is their fun.ok ok i am not angry.i am just controlling my i promised to myself,i must change my attitude.must! ok cool down man~ and smile =) =) =) i am ok now . i just need some time.sorry

i really do not get what i want.but i am not frusfrated.cuz i am lucky.i can pursue my studies...and that is good enough.the thing i am interested in at last i oso cannot get it.i dun have the really smart brain.and the future is not very dad also can guide i am happy with my road taken =) again i am smiling now.dun worry be happy.juz do what are u told to do.gambateh!everything will be fine.

i saw his personal message.he really needs help.i am so sorry to hear about that.i am so sad.anybody who can help ...pls help him.
i realized that i am very fortunate compared to others.i have good health ( although i am sick now ) TT.TT i hope that he is fine and can sit for SPM this year with good health.


hope tmr is a better day for everyone

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