Saturday, January 17, 2009

duh~what a day!

woke up at 8.40 am.duh~lazy to go for piano class.hope tmr is piano class.i am lazy.lazy girl~~~~~ it is not because i did not practise piano, is .....i dun wan to face the reality =.= i was late for 5 minutes.normal la.

played the songs.mistakes are the same again. == lol.i dunnoe what happened to my hands.haha...but the 2nd song seems ok.i dunnoe whether i have time to really practise untill very well or not before the exam time -since i start late. nvm i do my best

after brunch went for the really boring wasting time seminar really wasted my precious time!!! arghhh i juz feeling like wanna go off frm the room and go back home to do what i need to do.nearly dozed off when listening to her voice explaining almost all of the syllabus in the book.i go back home and read better la ! i am really angry. y need so ma fan ?????!!!!! argh ! nvm....tat is the reality.
need to face it.nic still dun hav thumbprint==

yeah bought the peanut paste and enjoyed! yum yum ! thanks mum !

sry nic forgot to give back ur water tumbler to u

saw ben,eddie,wei jian and xi ming @ the makan place.haha xi ming dye hair ady.quite nice de .

ok. I HATE :
being nagged and shouted at!!!
being called STUPID!!!
ppl throw my things on the floor with maximum force applied.the impulsive force is very huge ok???!!! == physics...
myself being not a good girl
being insulted and the person's voice is like producing earthquake effect
that i dunnoe about something which i should know
ppl showing off

sometimes they juz really dont understand.i am heartbroken !!!!! ='(

and now i am in very bad mood.pls...dun trigger my angry nerves again !!!

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