Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2nd day >.<

wooh woke up at 6 am ! early~ kinda not enough sleep haha..yst night can't
not yet study T5 1st chap.gonna die tmr ==
it is freezing cold in da classroom ! my hands are freezed! lol.keep on feeling hungry.luckily i brought my hot milo in the thermos flask .
1st lesson T2.quite bored!ah keep on talking on computer parts! you know i am not pro in IT == tell stories somemore.need exam somemore.3 saturdays have computer class == duh...~
malaysian studies time oso go haywire~
T4. quite interesting.the lecturer gave lots of examples and made me understand faster,better =)

lunch went out with some of my classmates.they are very friendly ^^ glad to know them.lucky to have them as my classmates.

went back home at 5pm.suppose to end at 4.30 pm.neh the lecturer lo keep on discussing the exercise.

nah gtg study now.bye


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