Friday, January 2, 2009

Today woke up late again.haha...raining frm 7 am till pm.slept well...haha. so din go to school with my sis 4 orientation.lazy me arr....

i heard that the school is good i cannot least i noe better than _______________. ok? offence.

hmm tmr going to start my piano lesson == grade 8 arr....scared.i will sure do my best! gambateh!!!

after today , i am going to be in busy mode. no more shopping , no much time on TV ...blah blah blah...

i welcome my college matter what happens,i will try hard and do hard to solve the problems.can't wait to go college

while i am busy,i will not forget my friends and family.i miss my classmates!!! haiz...hope this year will have a reunion dinner.

to everyone
have a nice day~!

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