Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i am constantly updating my blog...but i think later i am unable to do so

my gosh,my memory...neurone got problem liao == no no cannot i must memorise !
juz now squeezed the T5 chap 1 all into my brain.i wonder tmr if he asks me how would i answer? err too many accounts terms...really need a dictionary as mr jack wong said.see how he explains tmr.and i will study again.FOR SURE !!! if not i will suffer at the higher levels.and i don't want that to miserable...

i really appreciate the timetable done by the staff who came in our class today.she wroked so hard and produced good work.keep it up!and thank you!

the staffs are quite i know if you are not satisfied you can complaint.tat is why they are very organized.feel lucky to study there.thanks to my parents.and i must work very hard!

wah... all so nice suddenly come out an odd one..err i really pity them la.phew luckily last time i manage to do quite well == haiz...i am really dissapointed with the system.students do well and u give them this kind of thing?hmm i think this is really not reasonable. nvm students ! dun let it bother u . keep on doing good ! gambateh!

wish everybody's life is going good
be confident and you can do well !

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