Tuesday, January 6, 2009

! st Day of College

Wooh ~ today is the first day of class...i thought the class starts at 10.30 am which is the T5 but...nic and i missed out the T1 class which was at 8 pm i guess...swt ! we didn't see the time printed on the left side == we reached there so early and doing nothing..actually have class == but we went around the campus...luckily they didn't take the attendance.haha.. XD

saw a lot of leng lui and leng zhai.envy them so much.seems like they are more independent and professional.haha.i am new and fresh ma..hahax

my lecturer for T5 is mr jack wong.he is a quite nice person.i think he is good lecturer == . lol . he is using the Mac book.i actually dunnoe the name ( i am not a computer expert ) it is so nice! i want it! haha....he asked us to key in the details cuz he need to send us sth.haha.study course oso need to use computer , in fact is internet ady.haha.he oso asked us to introduce ourselves.wat is ur name?where are you from?why are you choosing this course?
swt == so nervous because majority of them i do not know them. hah ! nick is in the same group with me.can't believe it.this world is so small. haha...(direct translation from chinese)
deng deng! our class rep and assistant is nick and err...kah hei respectively. sry if i spell ur name wrong. they will do the job for us.muahaha. lol.

went back at 1.45 pm.kinda tired.after shower took nap. lol sleep form 3 pm till 5.20 pm.i am a lazy girl.haha~

hu hu need to begin my study plan ! of course dun forget my piano ! ahh ! gonna work very hard this time ! gambateh ! XD

wish everyone has a nice day =)

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