Saturday, January 3, 2009

today woke up as early as 7.35 am.for wat ? piano lesson lo.haha...normally i won't wake up so early.hee...

haiz...the 1st class seems not so good.scales need practise again by myself cuz not much time no.need to work very very very super hard! and she asked a lot of questions ...lolx

hmm mum went pasar bought a lot of things.haha.she bought the things that i want.hee...thank you.muah muah >.<

college gonna start..and piano is starting! == hope i can do well in both.

yeah yeah tmr is orientation day.anticipating day........hope everything goes well.

yst went ioi and tesco.then went to rm 3 again 4 late late dinner.can say supper ady.the food quite nice.but some dishes dissapointed me a little bit.walao we yue chi yue duo...haha.

today erm going to KL and having steamboat @ home ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ lalala....

bye for now


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