Friday, January 9, 2009

A Tired but Fun Day

oh class is 8 am till 6 pm...walao i am going to suffer.
as usual,go to college early.the T2 class is quite boring.all about computer things.but this time is a little bit more interesting than the previous lesson =) okay la..

after a short break,we had CSB she is not teaching :P haha...we all were so happy.CAT and ACCA students combined into a class.and the activity is ice so interesting~we interviewed each other about each person's characteristics.and we were called one by one to say out the characteristics of the person.haha so funny la the students.we mainly aim for the seniors.haha...nice to socialise^^ no no.before that.we decided to have ghost story telling session.haha.we switched off all of the lights in our classroom.then we start to tell...very scary la.some boys oso made some effect.hahax~ quite scary la...and we talked about facts too~lol.then a janitor came in.and she was scared off by us.haha! the lecturer oso was fun.thanks to nick fot this idea.and thanks to all of my friends who have contributed their story.haha.

then we started our lesson.very cold in the classroom~

went back.quite but a fun day =D

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yingfriendship said...

Wah!seems like ur class is full of fun and laughter.tat's good.haiz...but I not in ur class. my class is not as fun as ur class.Hope u appreciate on wat ur classmates do,have a nice time in class.wish u good luck and all the best in ur studies.gambatte!take care.^^